Alanya Deluxe Hammam & SPA

Professional masseurs from the Far East, modern and healthy conditions, fully equipped facility.

  • Alanya Deluxe SPA
  • Alanya Quality Hamam
  • Alanya Luxury Turkish Bath
Alanya Deluxe Hammam SPA
Price 28 € per person
Tour Duration 3 hours
Children's friendly Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Tr, Ru, Zh
Transportation Free Transfer
Alanya Deluxe Hammam SPA Price
7 - 12 Age
0 - 6 Age
Tour Days Everyday
Tour Duration 3 hours (Transport included)
Pick up Time Anytime between 08:00 and 17:00 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Guide En, De, Tr, Ru, Zh
Included Transfer, insurance, sauna, aroma steam room, waterfall, jacuzzi, 20 minutes peeling and foam massage, 20 minutes face mask, 20 minutes full body Swedish massage, pool, aquapark and other common areas.
Excluded Extra massages, extra time, aloe vera peeling, aloe vera face mask, aloe vera whole body massage, cafeteria
Bring with You Swimsuit, spare clothes, camera, money for personal expenses, backpack. (Towels, slippers and loincloth are also provided free of charge.)

Experiences of Alanya Deluxe Hammam & SPA

  • In a fully equipped SPA center, you can experience a peaceful and relaxing hammam without any doubt in your mind.
  • Professional masseurs from different nationalities, who are experts in their fields, choose the most suitable therapy for you. When the SPA is over, you will feel mentally and physically relaxed.
  • In addition to the Turkish Bath and SPA, you can use many entertainment and relaxation areas within the facility free of charge.
  • Especially your children will have a good time in the facility without getting bored. Your children can have fun at the waterfall, green areas, swimming pool or water slides as they wish. The facility is surrounded by secure walls.

Program of Alanya Deluxe Hammam & SPA

  • Picking up the guests from the hotel or apartment by service vehicles.
  • Entrance to the deluxe hammam
  • Welcoming the guests, completing the safety box and locker cabin procedures.
  • Informing the guest about the facility and the massage program
  • Sauna
  • Aromatic relaxation room
  • Waterfall
  • Shock Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Peeling and foam massage for 20 minutes
  • Face Mask for 20 minutes
  • Full Body Swedish Massage for 20 minutes
  • Free time (guest can use any section)
  • Exit preparations
  • Dropping the guest to their address or hotel with free service vehicles

General İnformation About Alanya Deluxe Hammam SPA

Alanya Deluxe Hammam SPA 2

No one wants to have a bad hammam experience, especially when they are on vacation once a year. That's why we recommend that you pay attention to the quality of the facility as well as the price when choosing the hammam for your holiday.

As you know, the main purpose of the Hammam and SPA is to relax both physically and spiritually. Therefore, the bath you go to must be sufficient in terms of hygiene, courtesy, equipment and professionalism.

Alanya Deluxe Hamam has all these criteria. In addition, the Deluxe Hamam offers a fun and safe environment for children.

Since the garden is closed with secure walls, your children do not have a chance to leave the hammam without your knowledge. While you are getting your massage inside, your children can have fun at green area , at pool oron water slides in the garden.

5 Reasons to Choose Alanya Deluxe Hamam

  1. It was built on an area of 4000 m². The garden has green spaces, swimming pool, gazebos and cafe. It is not like the baths in the basements of apartments and hotels in Alanya. Living areas are large. You always feel comfortable.
  2. The masseur team is large. We work with qualified masseurs of different nationalities. Each one is an expert in their field.
  3. You will not have any problems when you come with your children. Your children will spend time in the facility without getting bored. There are also walls thar surrounding the facility and security personnel . It is very safe for your children.
  4. There are dozens of massage rooms, large and daylight baths in the facility. When you come to the facility, you can get your massage without waiting in line.
  5. All staff are concerned and smiling. You will feel peaceful and comfortable during your time in Alanya Deluxe hamam.

Sections in Alanya Deluxe Hammam

  • Large jacuzzi pool
  • Shock pool
  • Salt room
  • The big waterfall
  • Fish therapy section
  • Turkish Bath
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Swimming pool
  • Water slide
  • Massage Rooms
  • Aromatic relaxation room
  • Cafeteria
  • Green space resting gazebos and garden
  • Mud bath
  • Changing cabinets and safe lockers
  • Reception
  • Welcome and Information section
  • Security
  • Parking lot
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