Alanya Submarine Tour

The Most Unusual Way to Explore Under the Sea

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Alanya Submarine Tour
Price 47 € per person
Tour Duration 3 hours
Children's friendly Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Explore undersea of Alanya!

Tourist Submarine Trip in Alanya with Nemo Primero

The submarine has home comfort with its high ceiling distance and wide windows.

Alanya Submarine Tour Price
6 - 12 Age
0 - 5 Age
Tour Days Everyday
Tour Duration 3 hours (Transport included)
Pick up Time 09:00 - 14:00 (Twice a day) (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transportation and tour guide
Excluded Shopping from Nemo cafe, underwater photos taken by divers
Bring with You Camera, comfortable clothing

Experiences of Alanya Submarine Tour

  • Add difference to your holiday by traveling underwater with a submarine in the Mediterranean.
  • See the atmosphere and creatures under the sea without effort and without getting wet.
  • You will have unusual photos taken by divers while you look through the submarine window.

Program of Alanya Submarine Tour

  • Pickuping from hotel and arrival at the harbor.
  • Briefing on general rules and things to know before diving.
  • Supply of food and drinks from the Nemo cafe.
  • Starting to submarine tour.
  • Visit to the rich underwater flora and fauna areas.
  • Having your photos taken by divers.
  • Fishman shows.
  • Return to harbor.
  • Photo exhibition at Nemo cafe.
  • Return to the hotel.

General İnformation About Alanya Submarine Tour

Alanya Submarine Tour 2

If you want to add a different experience to your holiday, you should definitely try the submarine tour. There are only 7 touristic submarines in the world. It is a tour that you cannot easily find in other holiday centers.

The submarine tour is done twice a day. Transfers from hotels are included in the price. The duration of the tour is 3 hours including transfer, information and diving. The total time you will spend underwater is 1 hour.

During the 1-hour underwater tour, we take you to the richest underwater areas of Alanya. Under the water, you see statues, amphorae and the underwater world of the Mediterranean. In addition, divers will offer various underwater shows for you.

Since the Mediterranean is a salty and warm sea, it is not a sea with a great diversity of flora and fauna. Please do not compare the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

Nemo Primero Submarine Features

Made in Finland in 2015. It has up-to-date security systems. It contains a backup of all the equipment on the submarine. It has high maneuverability. It is eco-friendly. It works with electrohydraulic motors.

Tourist Submarine Specifications
Interior view of the submarine
Interior view of the submarine

Unlike a standard submarine, the Nemo primero was built for comfort and safety of passengers. We have listed the features of our touristic submarine below.

  • There are six observation windows on the right and left of the submarine.
  • It has large windows to provide a wide field of view. The dimensions of the windows are 80 centimeters in diameter.
  • Thanks to the air conditioning system and air reinforcement tanks, the temperature, humidity and oxygen quality inside are kept constant.
  • Thanks to its pressure stabilizing feature, you will not feel pressure or hum in your ear.
  • The interior cabin has been made high, considering comfort and people with claustrophobia.
Technicial Specifications
Exterior view of the submarine
Exterior view of the submarine

Nemo primero has 2 crew and 22 passenger capacity. Through its high battery capacity, it can stay under water for a long time.

  • The submarine is 2.4 meters width, 4.75 meters height and 13 meters length.
  • It can stay under water for a long time through 300 pieces of lead-acid batteries.
  • Underwater speed is 3 knots and above water speed is 4 knots.
  • Working depth is 30 meters.
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