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Alanya City Tour | Alanya Castle Tour by Cable Car

Alanya City Tour

Historical places, natural beauties and cultural structure. Discover the Alanya!

  • Alanya city tour
  • Alanya cable car tour
  • Alanya castle tour
Alanya City Tour
Price 16 € per person
Total Tour Duration 3 Hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Full of fun mini city tour where you can get to know Alanya closely.

Alanya Castle Tour and Alanya Cable Car Tour

Both Alanya Castle tour and Alanya cable car tour at the same time

Alanya City Tour Price

Standart Ticket

(6-12 Age)
(0-5 Age)

Cable Car Ticket

The Alanya Castle cable car fee is included in the price.
Damlataş Cave Entrance Fee 2 €
Tour Days Everyday
Total Tour Duration 3 Hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 16:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 17:30
Drop-Off Time 20:30 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Guidance, hotel transfer, and cable car ticket (included if the Cable Car Ticket option is selected).
Excluded Personal expenses, Damlataş Cave entrance fee (optional), cable car ticket (included if the Cable Car Ticket option is selected).
Bring with You Camera, hat, sunglasses, sun cream, comfortable clothes

Experiences of Alanya City Tour

  • Trip and swimming break at Cleopatra beach, one of the best beaches in the world.
  • Visit to the famous Damlataş Cave on Cleopatra beach.
  • Aerial viewing of Cleopatra beach and the city with the cable car.
  • Visiting the Alanya Castle and the historical places around it.
  • Taking photo of Panoramic view of the whole city from the Taurus Mountains at sunset
  • Comprehensive information about the natural and cultural features of the Alanya city.

Program of Alanya City Tour

  • Pick up from hotels
  • Swimming and sightseeing break at Cleopatra beach
  • Damlataş cave visit
  • Alanya cable car tour
  • Alanya city tour  
  • Suleymaniye mosque visit
  • Go to Alanya observation terrace at the foothills of Taurus Mountains to take panoramic photos at sunset
  • Return to the hotels

General İnformation About Alanya City Tour

Alanya City Tour 2

City Tour Alanya

Below, we explained the details of the places you will visit in the mini Alanya city tour.

In addition, we have made a small list of places that are not included in Alanya city tour but you can visit with your own means.

Places to Visit in Alanya City Tour

Cleopatra Beach Visit
Winter view of Cleopatra beach
Winter view of Cleopatra beach

There is not rock or pebble on the beach at all. Both the beach and the seafloor are covered with sand. Grains of sand are too large to muddy the water and consist of grains that are too small to sink into the soles of the feet. Sand is golden color. The water is always clear and turquoise in color.

  • We do not know the coasts of other countries in the Mediterranean, but it would not be a lie if we say that this coast is the most unique coast in Turkey in the Mediterranean.
  • Such that in the 1st century BC, Roman Commander Antony gave as a gift this beach to Queen Cleopatra.
  • Cleopatra had been swimming from this beach. When you go to the beach, you will understand better why Cleopatra preferred this beach.

Damlatas Alanya City Tour

Damlataş Cave ground floor
Damlataş Cave ground floor

Even though it is a small cave, its location makes it special. This cave, which takes its name from water drops, is located right under the peninsula where the Alanya castle is located, next to the Cleopatra beach. Its depth is 400 meters. It is a humid cave in summer and winter due to its location at a lower altitude than sea level. Asthma patients in Alanya are healed here with 21-day therapies.

  • It was found by chance during the quarry work in 1948. Geological findings show that the cave is at least 16 thousand years old. The temperature inside is the same in summer and winter.
  • Therefore, you can visit the cave even to cool off in the summer.
Alanya Cable Car Tour
Cleopatra beach scenery from Alanya cable car
Cleopatra beach scenery from Alanya cable car

Enjoy going to Alanya castle from Cleopatra beach via cable car. The landscape is really excellent. You can take unique panoramic photos through fully glass-covered cable car cabins.

You will have a lot of time to watch the scenery and take photos from the cable car.

  • Stations: Cable car has two station. Cable car was made for the purpose of excursion. The line length is 900 meters. The first station is on the Cleopatra beach and the second station is in Alanya Castle.
  • Cable Car Speed: The cable car moves slowly. Its speed is 10km/h. It is equal to the speed of a person while jogging.
  • Cabins: The cabins are for 8 people and are completely covered with unbreakable glass. Due to Covid-19, the maximum capacity was reduced to 4 people.
  • Security: The cable car is made by a company of German origin, in 2017. It has the latest technology security systems. All doors and motors are connected to the central system. Equipped with anti-shake equipment. They also work quietly.
Alanya Castle Tour
Western walls of Alanya Castle
Western walls of Alanya Castle

The Castle built on a 100 thousand square meter Peninsula differentiates Alanya from other holiday destinations in Antalya. You can see both the west and east of Alanya from a bird's eye view from the castle at an altitude of 250 meters. It is a historical place visited by almost everyone who comes to Alanya.

  • The history of Alanya Castle goes back to the Hellenistic period. It was updated in 1221 by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat.
  • There are 398 cisterns, 83 towers and 140 fortifications in the castle.
  • It is the most comprehensive defense and shelter center of its time. The structure is still intact.

The local bazaar in the inner part of the castle will make you feel like going into the past. Here, there are old-style restaurants, historical places and shops where local goods are sold.

Panoramic photo shoots at sunset on Alanya observation terrace
Southeast view from Alanya City Terrace
Southeast view from Alanya City Terrace
Panoramic sunset view from Alanya observation deck
Panoramic sunset view from Alanya observation deck

It is located in the foothills of the Taurus mountains opposite the peninsula where Alanya castle is located. The altitude is 650 meters. You can see the whole of Alanya from a bird's eye view from the observation terrace. It is the most perfect place to take panoramic souvenir photos. it is approximately away 3 km from the Alanya center

  • There are many cafeterias in the observation deck where you can see the view of Alanya.
  • There are also a few shops where you can shop for souvenirs.

Other Places You Can Visit With Alanya City Tour 

Below we have listed other must-see places that are not included in Alanya city tour program but close to the city center.

You can also go to these travel destinations with your own means. Or, if you want, we can organize private Alanya city tour for you. Private Alanya city tours are organized according to when you want to time period and where you want to go the places. Please contact us for detailed information about private Alanya city tours.

Alanya City Tour Archeology Museum
Alanya Archeology Museum
Alanya Archeology Museum

In the museum, you can see archaeological artifacts from the Lydian, Phrygian, Urartu, Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman periods. All historical artifacts belonging to civilizations established in Alanya since 700 BC are exhibited in this museum.

The museum consists of fourteen closed sections and one open air section.

Alanya City Tour Red Tower
Red Tower view from Tophane
Red Tower view from Tophane

Red Tower was built during the development of the castle in the Seljuk period. It was built to prevent attacks from the sea to the port and shipyard. It is a gigantic tower in octagonal structure, 33 meters high and 29 meters in diameter. It is called the red tower because of the baked bricks used in its construction.

The tower consists of five floors. There is the Ethnography Museum on the first floor.

Alanya City Tour Ethnography Museum
Alanya Ethnography Museum
Alanya Ethnography Museum

It is a museum housing many historical artifacts describing the cultural and sociological history of the Alanya. In this museum, many works are display describing the lifestyle of that day such as weaving looms, clothes, carpets, rugs, kitchen utensils, weapons, lighting devices belonging to the nomadic culture.

The museum also uses for art and cultural activities such as painting exhibitions and concerts

Historical Alanya Shipyard
Exterior view of Alanya Shipyard
Exterior view of Alanya Shipyard

It is one of the most important parts of the Alanya silhouette. It is just south of the Red Tower. It is designed in such a way that five ships can be built simultaneously. It is the first shipyard of the Seljuk State.

  • The distance between the shipyard and Red Tower is approximately 800 meters.
  • There is a small protected bay on the road between the shipyard and Kızıl Kule.
  • It is very enjoyable to walk over the landscaped walls to reach the shipyard.
Alanya City Tour Dim Cave
Dim Cave
Dim Cave

It is on the eastern slope of the Dim valley in the Taurus Mountains. The cave long is 410 meters. Its width is around 15 meters. It is a very large cave whose height varies between 2 and 20 meters. Inside is humid and 18 ° C throughout the year.

The yellow dim lighting and live block flute performance in the cave offers a mystical atmosphere to the visitors.

  • It has many different shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.
  • The cave is going on vertically.
  • We go down the barred stairs constantly.
  • The cave expands as you go. At the end of the cave, there is a turquoise colored pond.
  • One of the stalagmites in this pond is like a mother holding her child.
  • This silhouette in the water is really impressive.
Alanya City Tour Orchards
Little girl picking fruit from the orange garden
Little girl picking fruit from the orange garden

Many tropical fruits like bananas and oranges can be grown in Alanya which has a semi-tropical climate mainly

  • There are many orchards around the city.
  • Ağaçlardan meyveleri kendiniz koparıp yiyebileceksiniz.
  • You will experience how different the taste of a fresh orange is.
Alanya City Tour Dim River
A restaurant in Dim river
A restaurant in Dim river

It is the stream that flows in the dim valley between the Taurus mountains, 11 km inland from the beach. Tea water is quite cold. Even in summer the water temperature is 8°C. Therefore, we can say that the river is the ideal place in Alanya to cool off. There are many tourist entertainment centers and restaurants on the river.

  • You can lunch by putting your legs in the water in the gazebos positioned on the water.
  • Or you can sit against the view in gazebos built on the slopes surrounded by trees.
  • There are many activities in the facilities such as pools (some guests prefer these pools because the river water is cold), water slides, fishing activities.
  • If you want, you can eat the trout you catch.
Alanya City Tour Dim Dam
Dim Dam
Dim Dam

Dim dam is located next to the Din river. Water and electricity needs are compensated from here. The Mediterranean view of the dam is worth seeing

Alanya City Tour Price

It is more advantageous than other touristic destinations in the Mediterranean for a holiday.

It is the most populous city of Turkey in the Mediterranean. Therefore, there are more things to do in Alanya than other destinations in terms of touristic facilities and sightseeing options. Artistic and cultural events can be found throughout the year. In addition, Alanya is a self-sufficient city in terms of shopping, health and agriculture. It is possible to have a holiday at low prices in quality resorts

  • It is possible to find touristic facilities suitable for every budget in Alanya.
  • Cheap hostels, apart hotels, ultra-luxury facilities, villas etc.

City Tour in  Alanya

The tourism accumulation and sector experience of Alanya since 1990 have led to an increase in quality and a decrease in prices over time. Competition in the sector and the supply and demand imbalances that occurred in some years caused only the enterprises that provide quality and cheap services to survive.

Immigration from 120 different countries.

  • In the past, this city, where only European tourists came for holiday, has become a city that it became a city where people migrated from 120 different countries over time.
  • Currently, mostly people from Asia and Europe are migrating.
  • The most important reasons for Alanya to receive immigration are good climatic conditions, job opportunities, lower prices than Europe and advantageous for real estate investment.

Alanya City Tours

A city full of cultural riches and a society that respects differences

It is a holiday city where people from many countries live together in peace. People with different language, religion and race characteristics can live here without any problems. Domestic people are always respectful of differences. In addition, it cannot be said that the domestic people were very affected by political and political events. Everyone in this city lives as if they were on holiday. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the Mediterranean itself.

Temperate climate for 12 months.

  • The city is mild even in winter, both due to its geographical location and the Taurus Mountains surrounding the city that is preventing the coming cold weather in the inner parts of Alanya.
  • For example, while the average air temperature in Antalya is 15 ° C in December, the temperature in Alanya is 18 ° C.
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