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Side Yacht Rental

Side Yacht Rental

Choosing a local agency in Side, Turkey allows you to enjoy lower rates while having the convenience of face-to-face interactions with a representative whenever needed.

Rent a Boat in Side Turkey Now!

Complimentary Lunch

The following yacht rental prices include a select lunch menu.

4 to 5 Hour Trips

Rates are for 4-5 hour durations, where sunset tours typically last 4 hours and daytime tours 5 hours.

Pay On-Site

A 20% deposit is required upfront, with the balance payable upon boarding.

Local Advantage

As a local company, we offer the convenience of face-to-face interactions whenever needed.

Get Private Boat Trips in Side Turkey

The best way to pamper yourself on holiday is to rent a yacht in Side and explore the Mediterranean. Here’s what you can do during your private boat trip in Side, Turkey:

Birthday Celebration

The yacht is decorated for the birthday person. A delicious birthday cake is served. Generally, no fee is charged for decorations. However, there is a charge of around 20-30 € for the birthday cake.

Water Sports

Yachts in Side do not come equipped with any water sports gear or jet skis. However, there is a water sports station on the Manavgat River that any yacht can visit. Moreover, the prices at this water sports facility are significantly below average. You may request a price list if you wish.

Tranquil Yacht Trip

We take you to the most beautiful and peaceful bays along Side's historic shores during your Get Private Boat Trips in Side Turkey. We promise a trip full of tranquility and peace.

What Will You See on Your Private Boat Trip in Side?

Side Ancient City

All yachts are located at the ancient harbor inside the Side Ancient City, which means you will pass through the historical ruins to reach your boat. Although our tours do not include a guided tour of the ancient city, if you inform us before the day of the trip, we can arrange for you to arrive, for example, an hour earlier so that you can explore the ancient ruins on your own.

Manavgat River

Famous for its delta where fresh water meets salt water, the Manavgat River area is always calm with shallow waters. We will also navigate into the delta to explore more of the Manavgat River.

Turtle Rocks

A habitat for Caretta Caretta sea turtles and dolphins, Turtle Rocks can be seen from a distance. We make sure to avoid disturbing these creatures during our visits.

Cleopatra Bay

Located to the west of Side Ancient City, Cleopatra Bay is a small cove that is an excellent spot for swimming and relaxing.

Add luxury and pleasure to your holiday in Side, Turkey with 4-5 hour boat hire options

Private Boat Hire Side Turkey

Discover the most reasonably priced yacht rentals and yacht tours in Side.

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Melissa VIP rental yacht photo
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Melissa VIP in Side

Capacity13 person
Length15 m
Min rental5 hours
Max rental12 hours
Rental without a crewNo
Food menuGrilled mackerel, grilled chicken, delicious meatballs, classic spaghetti, two kinds of salad, three to four kinds of fresh fruit. Alcoholic beverages are extra.
The Melissa VIP gulet, known for its high service quality, personal alcohol is not allowed, but onboard alcohol prices are close to store prices.
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Total450 €
5 Hour Yacht Rental
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