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Best places to visit in Alanya by yacht

Best places to visit in Alanya by yacht

Date: 24-12-2023

If you're planning a yacht trip in the enchanting blue waters of Alanya, you might have questions like "What is the best route?", "Which bays and historical places should I explore?", "What are the best places to visit in Alanya by yacht?". To answer these questions and guide our guests, we have prepared a detailed guide for those considering renting a yacht in Alanya.

In this guide, we meticulously cover the most ideal routes for sea lovers planning to rent a yacht in Alanya, the bays and historical sites you must visit, and the time needed for a perfect yacht trip. If you're ready to discover the unique beauties of Alanya at sea, this guide is just for you!

Yacht Trip Route Options in Alanya

When planning a yacht trip in Alanya's crystal waters, knowing that time is a crucial factor in choosing your route is beneficial. In this article, we detail the best yacht routes in and around Alanya, along with the stunning views you'll encounter. First, we'll share some basic information on how the duration of the yacht trip affects your route choice.

There are two main yacht routes to choose from in Alanya. The first route covers the beauties of Alanya and its vicinity, while the second route includes the natural and historical riches of Gazipaşa, located 25 km east of Alanya. Each route has its unique advantages and features.

In this section, we will briefly discuss the pros and cons of both routes. Then, we'll examine in more detail the places you can visit on each route and the landscapes you'll encounter in these unique experiences.


If you're thinking of a yacht trip along Alanya's magnificent coastline, this route is perfect for you. Covering Alanya and its nearby areas, this route is the most popular choice among our guests, preferred by 90% of them. The prices for renting a yacht in Alanya on our website are also determined according to this standard route.

Alanya yacht route

Alanya boasts a captivating coastline along the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Here, you'll find miles of fine sandy beaches. However, due to the parallel extension of the Taurus Mountains to the sea, the region has fewer indented coastlines and bays. Still, Alanya compensates for this with a peninsula extending 2000 meters into the sea and 280 meters high, right in the middle of the city, topped by Alanya Castle.

Determining the Suitable Duration for the First Route

This route offers various duration options, from a short 1-hour tour to an extensive 8-hour journey. However, the ideal duration is recommended to be 4-5 hours. Within this time frame, you can enjoy your meal, swim in several places, and fully explore the surrounding sights.

Advantages of the First Route

  • Long and Diverse Beaches: Alanya is known for its fine sandy and long beaches, including the famous Cleopatra Beach.
  • Calm and Windless Sea: For most of the year, the sea in Alanya is calm, with almost no wind.
  • Historical Richness: Along the coast, historical structures like Alanya Castle, the Historical Shipyard, and the Red Tower offer magnificent views.
  • Natural Beauties: You will have the chance to see and enter natural wonders like Ulaş Bay, Cleopatra's Pool, Lovers' Cave, and Phosphorus Cave.
  • Variety of Activities: Thanks to the water sports platform at sea, you can experience activities like jet-skiing and parasailing.
  • Striking Views: Along the coast, discover the unique silhouette of Alanya Castle against the backdrop of the Mediterranean's clear waters and the impressive Taurus Mountains.
  • Easy Transportation: With tourist spots near the port, transportation from one place to another is quick and easy.

Disadvantages of the First Route

  • Lack of Novelty: If you have previously taken a yacht trip on this route, the opportunity to discover new places on a second trip might be limited.
  • Crowded in Summer: Especially during the summer months, Alanya's popular bays can be quite crowded.
  • Being Touristic: For some visitors, the highly touristic nature of Alanya might make it challenging to find an authentic experience.
  • Limited Variety of Bays: The beaches around Alanya are generally flat and long, with fewer cliffs and rocky areas. Therefore, the variety of bays, such as those merged with forests or sheltered from waves, is limited.

Now, let's take a closer look at the places you will see on the Alanya route.


On this route, you will discover Alanya's historical and natural beauties from the sea, feeling the enchanting atmosphere of the Mediterranean. Each stop reflects the rich culture and natural wonders of the region. Take time to explore each point on this route for an unforgettable yacht trip experience.

Here are the main places you will visit on this route and their features:


Located on the east side of the peninsula, this historical shipyard, built in 1288, sheds light on the region's maritime history. It's right next to the port where your yacht trip begins. This shipyard from the Seljuk era offers a glimpse into the past.

Yachts can anchor in front of the shipyard. The sea here is shallow and rich in flora. Since it doesn't face the open sea, the bay is always calm. If you have snorkeling gear, you can enjoy swimming here. It's also easy to reach the Historical Shipyard from the sea. You can explore the area by walking through the shipyard and using the surrounding trails.


One of the most impressive stops on the Alanya yacht trip is undoubtedly the back of the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located. This castle, dating back to the Seljuk era, is one of the city's most iconic structures, offering panoramic views of the city and sea. This part of the peninsula presents unique landscapes that showcase the power and beauty of nature.

In this part of the peninsula, the contrast between the blue of the sea and the rugged appearance of the cliffs creates breathtaking views. The majestic walls of Alanya Castle add a historical touch to these natural beauties. During your journey, you might even encounter mountain goats living on the steep cliffs.


Cleopatra's Pool, according to legend, was the preferred swimming spot of Queen Cleopatra during her visit to this region. Stories about the pool's waters granting youth and beauty further enhance its mystical aura.

cleopatra pool

However, due to the frequent presence of diving boats in the area, it may not always be possible to enter the pool. Therefore, planning the timing of your visit to Cleopatra's Pool is important.


pirates cave

The Pirates' Cave, named after its historical use by pirates as a hideout, is shrouded in legends of hidden treasures and rest. The cave's mysterious past ignites the imagination of its visitors.


The Lovers' Cave, one of the most enchanting stops on the Alanya yacht trip route, gets its name from romantic legends and is especially popular among couples. This cave is notable not only for its romantic atmosphere but also for its unique natural structure.

lovers cave

The Lovers' Cave has two separate entrances, which are connected by tunnels inside. This labyrinth-like structure makes exploring the cave even more exciting.


phosphorus cave

The phosphorus minerals inside the cave give the water a mesmerizing glow. Accessible only by sea, this makes it a special part of the yacht trip.


Famous for its golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, this beach is said to have been the favorite swimming spot of Queen Cleopatra. It's an ideal place for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports.

cleopatra beach

Your stop at Cleopatra Beach will be one of the most memorable moments of your Alanya yacht trip. Swimming in this legendary beauty, you'll be captivated by the blend of history and nature at this special location.


Ulaş Bay is usually visited as part of 5-hour yacht trips. This duration provides enough time to enjoy the bay and its surrounding natural beauties. The bay's tranquil atmosphere and natural beauties offer a perfect environment to relax and unwind after a busy tour schedule.

The natural beauties surrounding the bay offer a peaceful experience to visitors. Ulaş Bay, with its clear waters and green nature, is a must-visit stop for nature lovers. Additionally, a small rocky islet known as "Turtle Island" is located in front of the bay. This islet, named after the caretta caretta turtles that inhabit it, offers a chance to observe these endangered creatures.

turtle island


After visiting the above places on the Alanya yacht trip, the journey heads towards the open sea. Stops for swimming and taking photos are possible if desired.

open sea

Now, let's take a detailed look at the places you will see on the Gazipaşa route.


Located 25 km east of Alanya, Gazipaşa and its surroundings form the heart of our second yacht trip route. This route is notable for its natural beauties, bays, and ancient ruins along the coastline. Gazipaşa is an ideal destination for those seeking to explore untouched and pristine areas, away from tourism and urbanization.

gazipasa yacht route

Below, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of this route, the suitable duration for a good experience, and the places you will see during the trip.

Determining the Suitable Duration for the Second Route

Yacht trips to Gazipaşa and its surroundings require at least 10 hours. This duration is determined considering the distance from Alanya Port to Gazipaşa. A 10-hour duration is sufficient to enjoy your meal, swim in several places, and fully explore the historical and natural beauties of the area.

Advantages of the Second Route

  • Historical Sites: Along the Gazipaşa coastline, you'll find historical riches like the 'Antiochia Ad Cragum' and 'Iotape' Ancient Cities. You will also see Gazipaşa Castle, located on a peninsula.
  • Away from Urban Centers: Gazipaşa remains an undeveloped town, with most of its population engaged in agriculture. You won't encounter apartments or tour boats along the coastline.
  • Untouched Nature: The beaches, bays, and coastal vegetation of Gazipaşa maintain their natural state. Apart from a few banana plantations and small village houses, natural beauties dominate the area.
  • Quiet and Peaceful: On this route, you will experience a tranquil journey, away from noise and crowds.
  • Unique Bays: The bays of Gazipaşa will enchant you with their natural beauty.

Disadvantages of the Second Route

  • Wavy Seas: Unlike Alanya, the Gazipaşa region is often wavy throughout the year. Therefore, we recommend yacht trips to Gazipaşa during the summer months when the sea is calmer. Even in summer, we check the sea conditions before your trip. It's important to inform us of your yacht trip day in advance, so we can examine weather reports and determine the most suitable day for you.
  • Far from the Starting Port: Your yacht trip starts from Alanya and continues towards Gazipaşa. However, while traveling to Gazipaşa by yacht, there are no places or bays to see for about 20km. You will travel along a straight coastline for 20km. Therefore, if you want to go to the Gazipaşa area by yacht, you need to rent it for at least 10 hours.
  • High Cost: Considering the minimum 10-hour yacht rental duration and fuel costs, the cost of this trip will be high. It's useful to estimate an average cost of around $1000.


This yacht trip route around Gazipaşa and its surroundings offers an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore natural beauties and historical riches. This route is ideal for adventure seekers looking to discover the less explored and pristine coasts of Alanya.


Iotape, dating back to the Hellenistic period, is another ancient city that dazzles with its historical structures. The location of the ancient city, blended with the surrounding natural beauties, offers breathtaking views.

Right next to the city, there is a hidden bay with a small sandy beach. This bay is perfect for both historical discoveries and enjoying natural beauties.

You can reach the ancient city by walking along the path in the bay. This short walk allows you to enjoy the surrounding natural landscapes while gradually approaching the historical atmosphere of the ancient city.


The bays of Gazipaşa are some of the Mediterranean's most hidden treasures. Known for their natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, they offer a peaceful experience to visitors.

These bays, far from crowded tourist areas, are ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility. Here, you can listen to the sounds of the sea and nature, experiencing a true escape into nature.

These bays, still largely undiscovered, have the potential to offer visitors unique and unforgettable moments. For nature lovers and adventurers, these bays are like hidden paradises waiting to be explored.


Kızılin and Selinus Beach combine some of Gazipaşa's most impressive natural and historical beauties. Kızılin, named after the caves in the area and its deep red-colored rocks, offers a fascinating blend of nature and history. The rocks, topped with historical remnants, make the area particularly appealing to history enthusiasts.

Selinus Beach, with its 2-kilometer length and unique texture, is notable. This Blue Flag awarded beach has a 150-meter-wide section arranged for visitors, offering a comfortable experience.

At the end of the beach, Kızılin Cave, though not deep, is impressive in size. This cave is like a treasure waiting to be discovered for nature lovers and adventurers. The historical remnants at the tip of the rocky cape bear witness to the region's rich past.


Selinus Ancient City reflects the historical texture of Gazipaşa, a settlement dating back to ancient Roman and Byzantine times. It offers a unique exploration area for history lovers. Selinus is especially known as the death place of Roman Emperor Trajan, adding to its historical significance.

Among the ruins of the city, well-preserved walls, temples, and public buildings can be found. Additionally, the ancient theater and necropolis areas are open to visitors. These historical structures provide clues about Selinus's social and cultural life in the past.

Near Selinus Ancient City, Gazipaşa Port provides easy access to this historical area and serves as an ideal starting point for visitors. The port's calm atmosphere makes exploring the ancient city even more enjoyable.

Adjacent to the city, a stream fed by the Taurus Mountains is found. This stream, with its clear waters and natural beauty, adds freshness to the area.

Gazipaşa Port, located near Selinus Ancient City, offers a quiet and serene town atmosphere. The port is an excellent starting point for exploring the region's peaceful lifestyle and natural beauties, as well as for discovering the ancient city.


Koru Beach and its Natural Pools are one of nature's rare beauties. Known as 'Yalı Taşı,' these natural pools are formed by the solidification of coastal sand dunes with carbonate cement, creating intriguing structures. These stones are soft enough to be processed while in the sea but harden once removed, possessing unique properties.

The waters of Koru Beach stand out as the only self-filtering sea. The water coming in and out with the waves naturally purifies itself, acting like a natural filtration system. The sea water accumulated in these small pools temporarily disconnects from the sea when there are no waves, and the increasing temperature of the water turns it into a fun pool for visitors of all ages.

Koru Beach is one of the important nesting sites for Caretta Caretta turtles in the Mediterranean. While swimming at the beach, it's possible to encounter marine life. The natural pools offer a unique sea experience during summer days and are an ideal spot for those who want to cool off in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.


King's Bay, also known as 'Delik Deniz,' has a unique natural formation. This area features a natural hole formed on a rocky area where the sea hits the shore.

The visual feast offered by Delik Deniz provides unique photo opportunities and showcases the magnificent power of nature.

The bay is an ideal place for both exploration and swimming in its cool waters.


This ancient city carries the traces of the Roman Empire, filled with rich historical remains. Antiochia Ad Cragum in Gazipaşa is particularly noted for its well-preserved mosaics, extensive baths, and public areas.

Antiochia Ad Cragum offers visitors a close look at the architectural and cultural richness of the Roman era. One of the most striking features of the city is its location overlooking the sea and impressive natural landscapes. Additionally, structures like the theater and forum area in the city display the vibrancy of social and cultural life in ancient times. This historical site is ideal for those who want to uncover the secrets of the past and experience the atmosphere of the ancient world.


This comprehensive guide for those planning a yacht trip in Alanya and its surroundings is an ideal resource for sea lovers who want to explore the unique beauties of both Alanya and Gazipaşa. In this guide, we have detailed the distinctive features, advantages, and disadvantages of both regions. From the popular and lively routes of Alanya to the quieter and pristine bays of Gazipaşa, we have thoroughly examined the unique experiences and places to visit on both routes.

While the Alanya route stands out with its historical richness, natural beauties, and various activity options, the Gazipaşa route attracts attention with its quieter, natural, and untouched bays. Each route offers different experiences and varies according to visitors' preferences. It should be noted that the Alanya route is suitable for short trips, while the Gazipaşa route offers a longer and more adventurous experience.

We hope that the information provided in this guide will help you make the most suitable choice for your personal preferences and expectations when purchasing yacht rental services in Alanya. For an unforgettable yacht trip experience, consider the recommendations and tips in this guide to explore the magnificent natural and historical beauties of Alanya and Gazipaşa. Whether in the lively waters of Alanya or the calm bays of Gazipaşa, each journey will offer you unique memories and discoveries.

Finally, we recommend considering safety measures and weather conditions when planning your yacht trip. This way, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience in this mesmerizing region of the Mediterranean. An unforgettable adventure awaits you in the blue waters of Alanya and Gazipaşa!

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