Alanya Night Party Boat Tour

The floating nightclub adds difference to the entertainment.

  • Alanya Night Boat Tour
  • Alanya Night Party Boat tour
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Alanya Night Party Boat Tour
Price 19 € per person
Tour Duration 4 Hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Get wet the fun with a foam party.

Foam Party Boat tour

Feel yourself in the nightclub with the powerful light system and Dj Performance.

Alanya Night Party Boat Tour Price

(6-12 Age)
(0-5 Age)
Tour Days Please ask
Tour Duration 4 Hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 21:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 22:00
Drop-Off Time 01:30 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Dinner, soft drinks, insurance, transportation and tour guide, animations
Excluded Ice cream, Photographer, alcoholic beverages
Bring with You Camera, if you are going to swim get swimsuit and towel, spare clothes (You may need spare clothes both for swimming and after the foam party.)

Experiences of Alanya Night Party Boat Tour

  • Watch the glittering night view of Alanya from the sea.
  • Feel like you are in a floating nightclub, thanks to the DJ performance on the boat, the powerful music and the crowded dance floor.
  • Join to the night foam party and dance performances. Watch animation shows and laser shows.
  • If you wish, you will be able to swim in the open sea at night.

Program of Alanya Night Party Boat Tour

  • Our vehicles will pick you up from the hotel or the apartment.
  • Arrival at Alanya Harbor.
  • You pay and get your tickets.
  • They give information about the night disco boat tour program.
  • DJ performance starts and you leave Alanya harbor accompanied by music.
  • You visit the bay where Kızılkule and Old Shipyard are located.
  • First swimming break is given here. In addition, this bay is an ideal place for photographing.
  • After the swimming break, you will tour the peninsula of Alanya Castle.
  • You watch animation shows in the Cave of Lovers.
  • You sail towards Cleopatra beach. Second swimming break is given at Cleopatra beach.
  • Then anchor at Ulaş Bay.
  • Children's animation and entertainment program begins.
  • You have dinner.
  • You take a swimming break.
  • You will return to Cleopatra Beach.
  • You attend the night foam party accompanied by a DJ.
  • You will return to Alanya Harbor around the Alanya peninsula.
  • Alanya night disco boat tour ends with DJ performance.
  • You get off the boat at the seaport. If you want you can wander around the Alanya bazaar, or we can drop off you with our shuttle vehicles to your hotel.

Things to Keep in Mind

Tobacco products are not sold in the boat. If you smoke, you should bring it with you.

Alanya Daytime Boat Tours

Choose your day, sunset, or night boat tour by viewing. Don't encounter a different boat at the harbor than you selected.

General İnformation About Alanya Night Party Boat Tour

Alanya Night Party Boat Tour  2

We Carried Alanya Nightlife to the Sea

The boat that organizes the Alanya night party tour has all the equipment and personnel that a nightclub should have. In the night party, the music is played by a professional DJ. The sound equipment, disco balls and lighting systems on the boat make you feel like you are in a quality nightclub.

In addition, the night disco boat tour has advantages over night clubs. As follows;

  • Cool weather: The air at sea is always a gentle breeze. You sweat less.
  • Fresh Air: The air you breathe is always clean.
  • Constantly Changing Landscape: Every table on the boat has a view of Alanya. Also, your landscape is constantly changing. You have fun while you are trip
  • Socialization: If you have joined the night disco boat tour alone, after a while you may find yourself in a conversation or dancing with your dance partner. The games and activities organized by the animators on the boat make it easier for you to socialize.
  • Activities: The night party boat tour isn't just about music and dancing. Various activities are carried out both on the boat and on the sea.
  • Kid friendly: Various shows and games are organized for children on the boat. Families with children can also join the night tour.

In short, if you join the Alanya night disco boat tour, you will have more fun than standard nightclubs.

Route of Alanya Disco Party Boat

After leaving the port of Alanya, the boat first goes to the historical shipyard and the Red Tower. It is enjoyable to watch the night lights of Alanya from here. Afterwards, we go around the peninsula of Alanya Castle and go to the shores of Cleopatra. Later, it is returned from the Cleopatra coast to Ulaş Bay, and then along the open seas and back on the same route.

Facilities in Alanya Disco Party Boat Tour

Eating and drinking: Dinner is included in the price and is served as an open buffet. There is a bar and a market on the boat. Local and foreign alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and cocktails are available at the bar. You can buy drinks by the glass or by the bottle.

The market has a variety of snacks, popcorn and ice cream. Cigarettes are not sold on the boat.

Animations and Shows: The animators on the boat organize many shows and games to keep you entertained. You can participate in a different activity at any time on the boat. We have listed below the entertainment and shows you can watch and participate in on the boat.

  • DJ performance
  • Dance show
  • Foam party
  • Cave trip
  • Laser show
  • Games for adults
  • Games for kids

Common Areas: There are toilets, bathrooms and changing cabins on the boat. There are also tables and chairs, enough for everyone. There is no certain order in the boat and everyone can sit wherever they want and have fun wherever they want.

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