Alanya Quad Safari

Join the quad bike tour that is fun to get dirty, experience a driving experience full of adventure and excitement on mountain and forest roads.

  • Alanya quad safari tour
  • Quad bike safari on Taurus mountain
Alanya Quad Safari
Price 22 € per person
Tour Duration 4 hours
Children's friendly Unsuitable
Tour Guide Tr, En, Ru
Transportation Free Transfer

Pass Rivers, Muddy, Stony and Dirt Roads on Natural Safari Route

Quad Bike Safari Tour with full of adrenaline

Quad safari tour in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains for 4 hours with adventure and adrenaline.

Alanya Quad Safari Price
Pillion Passenger
Tour Days Everyday
Tour Duration 4 hours (Transport included)
Pick up Time 09:00-13:30-16:00 (three times a day.) (The pick-up time may vary depending on the location of your hotel. We'll let you know the precise time when you make your reservation.)
Tour Guide Tr, En, Ru
Included Insurance, transportation, protective equipments,atv training for drive, tour leader
Excluded Private expences (The tour does not cover the whole day so meal is not included.), Professional Photographs, videos of the tour taht is prepeared by company, Glasses and face masks for to protection from dust.  
Bring with You Drinking water, sport shoes, sun cream, hat, clothes and shoes where dirt is not a problem , bandana and glasses for protection from dust, shower gel, shapoo, back pack ( to carry your belongings)


  • Use a quad bike motor on the hilly roads of the Taurus Mountains
  • Cool off in the cool waters of the Taurus Mountains with swimming breaks
  • Immortalize your safari experience in the Taurus with photo shoot breaks.
  • Get away from the crowds of Alanya and enjoy the pine-scented forests of the Taurus Mountains.

Tour Program

  • Pick-up from the hotel or your location with our shuttle vehicles
  • Arrival at the quad safari meeting area
  • Detailed instructions from guides
  • Distribution of necessary equipment
  • Test Drive
  • To start quad safari
  • Swimming Break
  • Break for photo shooting
  • Return to starting point
  • Arriving at the hotel or where you stay by being picked up by our shuttle vehicles.

General İnformation About Alanya Quad Safari

Alanya Quad Safari 2

Are you tired of routine holidays? Are you looking for different activities?

If your answer is "yes"; Are you ready to color your holiday with a fun 20 km track in the Taurus Mountains?

Alanya Quad safari tour is the sport of adrenaline. Those whose spirit is young, those who push the boundaries, those who cannot find a holiday only in the trio of sea, beach and sun. This nature sport is just for you.

The quad safari tour is the most enjoyable way of getting dirty. Mountainous terrain, muddy, bumpy roads, dusty, watery tracks and more.

The aim is to complete the track safely by passing the muddy, steep descents and ascents, narrow pathways in our natural forest track, which is completely closed to vehicles.

quad bike is a crazy fun land vehicle with steering wheel control, two or one person getting on, and one person can easily drive. You can use it without any difficulty due to the ease of steering wheel control. In our marvellous tour, you can ride quad bikes for 2-2.5 hours by one person. If you want to ride 2 people, an extra fee will be charged to the person who will be riding.

While experiencing the victory of fighting nature in an activity with 4-wheeled motor bikes, you also accompany the wonderful views of the Mediterranean. Moreover, on these special tracks, you will meet another side of Alanya away from the crowd of the city. While wandering in the mountains, you can cool off in the ice-cold waters of the river. Since it will remain in dust on the tours, the skin color that is present at the beginning of the tour will definitely be different at the end of the tour. Therefore, it will be an advantage for you to attend the trip with suitable clothes or to have spare clothes with you.

You can take your holiday out of the ordinary by participating in Alanya quad safari tour, you can check our page for more action.

If you have decided to be in this beautiful organization, it's time to find answers to your questions.

Do you need a driver's license to join the Quad safari tour?

No document, driver's license required.

Do you need experience?

It does not require experience. It works with gas and brake, that is, a simple system. All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions given by the guide. Not knowing anything has never been this fun.

Is ıt safe?

Do not worry! Special protective equipment required is given. 20 minutes test drive is done before starting the safari. The vehicles and the track are safe.

Could children join? Is there any age limit?

Yes. Children under the age of 12 are prohibited from using quad vehicles and sitting forward. However, they can join this tour by sitting behind their parents.

Well, don't you want to immortalize the moment and share it on social media while having fun so much?

We have teammates for this. At the end of the tour, the adventure you have experienced during the safari will be watched in a short film format. You can buy the photo and video content you like.

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