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Alanya Relax Boat tour

Alanya Relax Boat tour

The sea tour where tranquility and silence reach you wave by wave.

  • Alanya Relax Boat tour
  • Relax Boat tour in Alanya
Alanya Relax Boat tour
Without Music and Noiseless
Price 30 € per person
Total Tour Duration 6 Hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Discover tranquility with the serene rhythm of the sea.

Quiet and Peaceful Sea Tour in Alanya

Away from music and crowd, an experience in the tranquility of Alanya bays awaits you.

Alanya Relax Boat tour Price

(3-7 Age)
(0-2 Age)
Tour Days Everyday
Total Tour Duration 6 Hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 09:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 10:00
Drop-Off Time 15:30 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transfer, lunch (grilled chicken, meatball, pasta, rice, salad, seasonal fruit), unlimited non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. (water, cola, fanta, soda, etc)
Excluded Alcoholic beverages, ice cream, chips, snacks, professional photography service.
Bring with You Sea clothes, hat, slippers, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, cash for extra expenses.

Experiences of Alanya Relax Boat tour

  • Historical Discovery: Opportunity to explore Alanya's historic structures such as the Seljuk shipyard, the Red Tower, and unique caves.
  • Connecting with Nature: Swimming breaks in crystal clear waters and peaceful moments in the natural beauty of Cleopatra beach.
  • Peace and Tranquility: Alanya relax boat tour offers a meditative and relaxing experience accompanied only by the sounds of the sea and nature.
  • Relaxing Experience: The opportunity to spend a day away from the noise, in the tranquility of the sea; refreshing your soul and body.

Program of Alanya Relax Boat tour

  • Picking up our guests from their hotels or residences, and setting off towards the magical sea of Alanya in the calm early morning light (08:00-09:40)
  • Arrival at Alanya port (pier), rejuvenating your spirit with the view of the historic harbor
  • Departure from Alanya pier on our boat, surrendering to the tranquility and coolness of the sea (10:00)
  • Swimming break in front of Alanya's historic Seljuk shipyard next to the Red Tower, cooling off amid traces of the past
  • Exploring the Pirate, Lovers, and Phosphorus caves, and a unique swimming break
  • Arrival at Alanya Ulaş Bay area, swimming and relaxing in the quiet and calm coves
  • Lunch on our boat and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day, a dreamy break on the sea with flavors that will delight your palate
  • Swimming break at Cleopatra beach, creating unforgettable moments among historic beauties
  • Return to Alanya port (pier) from the open sea, accompanied by the golden hues of the sunset
  • Dropping our guests off at their hotels, punctuating a peaceful and restorative day of the Alanya relax boat tour

Alanya Daytime Boat Tours

Choose your day, sunset, or night boat tour by viewing. Don't encounter a different boat at the harbor than you selected.

General İnformation About Alanya Relax Boat tour

The Alanya relax boat tour offers a carefully designed special experience for those who want to discover the most beautiful bays, caves, and historical riches of Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean. In this unique tour, accompanied by the calming waves of the sea, you can spend a quiet and peaceful day away from the noise.

Our tour starts by picking up our guests from their hotels and takes them on a journey full of historical and natural beauties of Alanya. You can experience the peace of being in touch with the sea and nature, while enjoying Mediterranean flavors with meals served on the boat, opportunities to discover unique caves, unforgettable swimming breaks, and historical buildings dating back to the Seljuk period.

Alanya relax boat tour offers an escape that refreshes the soul and body that you can participate in with your family, friends, or alone. This tour, suitable for guests of all ages, is perfect for those who want to discover the most beautiful sides of Alanya, experience a meditative experience on the sea, and accumulate unforgettable memories.

Alanya Relax Boat Tour Details

Join us on the Alanya relax boat tour to explore the most beautiful beaches and bays of Alanya on a modern boat that is 25 meters long, 7.50 meters wide, three stories, and has a capacity of 115 people. Our boat has life jackets for each customer and 3 WCs. Also, there are shower facilities and changing cabins on the swimming platform.

Alanya boat tour, the most liked tour of Alanya, starts from Alanya pier adorned with historical structures like the Red Tower and the Shipyard. Our boat visits the sea caves around the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located, pirates, lovers, and phosphorus caves. This beautiful trip is followed by a swimming break at the famous Cleopatra Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The marina or Ulas is generally preferred for lunch. After the lunch break, another swimming break is given, and then the return to Alanya port from the open sea begins. During the tour, we have swimming breaks three to four times. After the last swimming break, we return to the harbor.

In our Alanya boat tour, our friendly staff offers you quality service. Our boats are the most beautiful boats of Alanya, they are extremely clean and high quality. Toilets and showers are available for both men and women. If you want to explore the natural beauties of Alanya, spend a quiet and peaceful day in the tranquility of the sea, join us on the Alanya relax boat tour.

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