Alanya Snorkeling Tour Including Fishing

Fishing, snorkeling and boat trip, all in one.

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Alanya Snorkeling and Fishing tour
Price 22 € per person
Tour Duration 6 Hours
Children's friendly Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Snorkel in the rich reefs of Alanya

More Than The Usual Boat Tours

Enjoy boating fun and fishing with your family

Alanya Snorkeling and Fishing tour Price
7 - 12 Age
0 - 6 Age
Tour Days Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Tour Duration 6 Hours (Transport included)
Pick up Time 09:30 (The pick-up time may vary depending on the location of your hotel. We'll let you know the precise time when you make your reservation.)
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transfer, lunch, unlimited soft drinks, snorkel, fins and fishing equipment.
Excluded Alcoholic beverages, private photo shoots, ice cream
Bring with You Towel, swimsuit, sun cream, sunglasses, camera, underwater camera if available


  • Join to relaxing, noiseless and isolated boat tour.
  • Snorkeling in Alanya reefs
  • Fish from the boat with your family.
  • Enjoy swimming in the open sea.
  • Visit Alanya Castle surroundings, caves and Cleopatra beach by boat.
  • Sunbathe while enjoying the view of Alanya from the sea. Capture amazing photo frames.

Tour Program

  • Transfer from hotels.
  • Snorkeling break in the bay where the Red Tower and the Old Shipyard are located.
  • Photo shoots with the view of the Castle and Red Tower.
  • Visiting of the caves around the Alanya castle by boat.
  • Snorkeling break around Cleopatra Beach.
  • Swimming break in the open sea.
  • Fishing and snorkeling activities off the coast of Mahmutlar.
  • Lunch break.
  • Fishing and snorkeling in Kargicak.
  • Return and transfer to hotels.

General İnformation About Alanya Snorkeling and Fishing tour

Alanya Snorkeling and Fishing tour 2

It is one of our fun and enjoyable combo tours that we organize in Alanya. This tour includes fishing and snorkeling activities unlike other usual boat tours.

Our boat is smaller than other trip boats. So it doesn't get too crowded. The boat has two floors. Everything has been considered for your comfort. The boat has sunbathing areas, sitting areas, changing cabin, shower and toilet.

Alanya Snorkeling boat
Our Snorkeling boat

Quiet, relaxing and not too crowded boat trip

Snorkelling tour have a calm and friendly atmosphere. It is a boat tour where you can have fun and relaxed time away from the crowd.

There are fun things to do for everyone young and old. Snorkelling tour is especially preferred by families with children. There are life jackets, snorkels and fishing gear suitable for children.

Between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, we pick you up from the hotels and take you to the harbor. The boat leaves Alanya harbor at 10:30 in the morning. After, the fun starts.

Let's examine the details of Alanya Snorkel Tour from beginning to end.

Red tower view from Alanya shipyard entrance
Red tower view from Alanya shipyard entrance

See the view of the Red Tower and the Castle from the sea, enter the Alanya shipyard by swimming.

The first stop of our tour will be Kızıl Kule and Alanya shipyard, 2 nautical miles from the harbor. This place is one of the most beautiful places in Alanya to take pictures. You can go to the shipyard by swimming during the break. It is also a beautiful area for snorkeling.

Due to underwater reefs, both the sea floor is rich and the water is clear. Rocks include a variety of marine plants, sea urchins, and shellfish. It is the breeding ground for marine mollusks such as octopus, squid and cuttlefish. The colorful sarpa fish are worth seeing.

Landscape of Alanya Castle peninsula from the sea.
Landscape of Alanya Castle peninsula from the sea.

We visit the caves around the Alanya castle and go to the Cleopatra beach.

Alanya castle is located on a peninsula. The surrounding of the peninsula is full of steep slopes and cliffs. It is impossible to reach many points of the castle on foot. The only and the most fun way to see the natural beauty around the castle is to sail around by boat.

You will be able to see dolphins and sea turtles while sail around the peninsula. We will visit three caves on our way to Cleopatra beach.

  • Pirates Cave: It is the cave used as a loot storage by pirates who used to live in Alanya.
  • Lovers Cave: It is 24 meters above sea level on the slope of the castle. According to the legend, the pirates used to hide the women they kidnapped in this cave.
  • Phosphoric Cave: It's name comes from phosphorescent glow of the cave.
View of Cleopatra beach from the castle
View of Cleopatra beach from the castle

Swimming and snorkeling break at Cleopatra beach

Welcome to the beach where the Egyptian queen Cleopatra swims. The beach starts at the end of the castle peninsula. The water is always clear. The sea floor is completely covered with golden sand. It is one of the best beaches in Antalya.

Snorkeling at Cleopatra beach
Snorkeling at Cleopatra beach

Snorkeling is enjoyable due to its clear water. We snorkel where the sand-covered seafloor merges with the castle slope. While one side of you is sandy as much as possible, the other side is the rocks, which are the shelter and hunting areas of sea creatures. Thus, when you dive with snorkeling, you can see most of the rich Mediterranean fauna and flora.

Underwater photo shoot at Cleopatra beach
Underwater photo shoot at Cleopatra beach

Enrich your holiday album with underwater photos.

Bring your underwater camera with you and take impressive photos in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. If you don't have an underwater camera, It is not a problem. There is a professional photographer in the boat. If you want, you can take photos from photographer and buy photos at the end of the tour.

If you want, you can also participate in water sports activities here. Let us remind you that water sports are not included in the tour price.

Fishing activity in the open seas of Alanya
Fishing activity in the open seas of Alanya

We set out for the first fish pasture for fishing and snorkeling.

We leave Cleopatra beach and go to the coastline of Mahmutlar town for the first fish pasture of the tour. Enjoy the magnificent view of Alanya and the Taurus mountains during the journey.

When we come to the fish pasture, we give fishing rods and fish baits to those who want to fish. Those who don't want to fish can snorkel, swim or just enjoy the sun on the boat.

After fishing, we take a break for lunch. There is grilled chicken, meatballs, pasta and salad for lunch. All soft drinks are free throughout the tour. After a satisfying lunch, we set off towards Kargicak for our second fishing point.

The variety of fish is higher in Kargıcak. Also here the human population is low throughout the year. Beaches are great for snorkeling. The habitat of Kargicak is quite different from other parts of Alanya. The sea floor is generally rocky and indented.

After we finish our snorkeling and fishing tour in Kargicak, we return to Alanya harbor to return to the hotels. We will be at the harbor around 15:00 on average. At around 15:30 we will drop you off at your hotels.

Melanuria fishes
Melanuria fishes

Fish types you can catch on a fishing and snorkeling tour

The fish pastures we visit are among the most productive pastures in Alanya in terms of fish diversity. The fish species most frequently caught by our guests in the fish pastures are Balloon, Melanuria, Sea Bass, Ray-finned, Sea bream, Bonito, Mackerel, Red porgy.

But don't expect to catch very big fish. Although the Mediterranean is rich in fish diversity, there are less fish compared to other seas. The main reasons for this situation are as follows.

  • The Mediterranean is one of the saltiest seas in the world.
  • Uncontrolled fishing.
  • New invasive species entering the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

In addition, the actual hunting time of the fish is between 4 and 6 in the morning. However, due to our tour concept and lack of demand, we do not organize this tour at these hours.

Alternatively, we also have a professional fishing tour hobby activity in Alanya. This tour is organized for professional fishing only.

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