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Alanya Super Combo Rafting

Alanya Super Combo Rafting

Jeep Safari+ Buggy + Zipline + Fishing + Rafting. Five Different Adventures, All in One Day!

  • Alanya Super Combo Rafting
Alanya Super Combo Rafting
5 IN 1
Price 47 € per person
Total Tour Duration 10 hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

A Day Full of Adrenaline: Rafting Combo Package

Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour

Five separate activities, one price! What about experiencing this super combo rafting package that offers non-stop fun all day?

Alanya Super Combo Rafting Price

(7-12 Age)
(0-6 Age)
Tour Days Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Total Tour Duration 10 hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 08:00 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 11:00
Drop-Off Time 18:00 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Insurance, comfortable transfer service, dedicated guides for each activity, lunch, rafting and fishing equipment, and options for quad bike or buggy.
Excluded Videos, photos, and drinks are not included in the price.
Bring with You We recommend you bring a swimsuit or swimming shorts, towel, sunscreen, extra t-shirt, sandals or water shoes, and cash for extra expenses. Consider a waterproof bag or phone case to keep your personal belongings during rafting. Don't forget that your clothes might get dirty at the end of the tour, so bring an extra set of clothes. Bring a bandana and glasses for dust protection during the buggy safari (or you can buy from your guide).

Experiences of Alanya Super Combo Rafting

  • The Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour offers you a range of distinct experiences. You'll kick off with a unique Jeep safari in Köprülü Canyon. During this thrilling safari tour, you'll discover historical ruins and breathtaking beauties of nature, experiencing adrenaline-filled moments.
  • The next stop on the tour is a Buggy safari or an ATV safari. You'll get covered in mud, traverse dusty roads, and navigate freezing river waters with buggy or ATV vehicles.
  • One of the most critical parts of the Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour is the exciting rafting tour on the wild Köprülü Canyon river. As you grapple with the currents in the river, you'll hit peak adrenaline and accumulate unforgettable memories.
  • Another unforgettable experience on the tour is Zipline. Don't miss the opportunity to slide over the river and meet the cool waters. During this activity, you will reach the peaks of your adrenaline while experiencing thrilling moments.
  • At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to relax by fishing in the river. You can cast off the day's fatigue by fishing in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the nature.

Program of Alanya Super Combo Rafting

  • Departure from hotels or accommodation points in Alanya.
  • Arrival at the rafting station in Beşkonak.
  • Exciting start: step into the thrill with a jeep safari.
  • A variety of activities similar to water fights are performed on the jeep safari course where you will discover the enchanting nature of Köprülü Canyon.
  • Preparations are then made for the Buggy-Quad safari.
  • Freedom of choice: You can use either a buggy vehicle or a quad bike.
  • In the Buggy-Quad safari, you have fun moments on a challenging course that is dusty and muddy in places.
  • Experience a unique transition in the river with Buggy and Quad vehicles.
  • You finish the Buggy safari accompanied by the stunning view of Köprülü Canyon at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.
  • A 15-minute journey is made to the historical Roman bridge, which is the starting point of rafting.
  • Distribution of the necessary equipment for rafting is carried out (life jacket, helmet, paddle, etc.).
  • A seating choice is made in two-person canoes or 8-10-12 person boats.
  • An extensive briefing is given about the rafting tour by our experienced guides.
  • The rafting tour begins with our guides and information about historical places is given during the tour.
  • A souvenir photo is taken at the historical Roman bridge.
  • Time is set aside for swimming and relaxation.
  • Preparation is made for ziplining and the zipline activity is completed.
  • Return to the rafting station with the rafting boats.
  • Fishing equipment is provided.
  • A relaxing fishing activity begins. You can take the fish you catch with you.
  • An open buffet lunch break is given (options such as chicken skewers, rice, pasta, seasonal salad are offered).
  • Presentation of your photos and videos is done.
  • Return to the hotels or accommodation points in Alanya with transfer vehicles. Thus, the "Alanya super combo rafting" tour is completed.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Please do not attach anything to your wrists, arms, feet, and legs. Such objects can create a risk of falling and tripping.
  • Do not deviate from your guides' instructions during the Alanya super combo rafting.
  • Even if you know how to swim, do not neglect to use your safety equipment.
  • We suggest that you do not bring your valuables due to the risk of losing them in the river or on the safari course.

Exciting Alanya Rafting Tours & Combos

With our tours that include rafting, step into the unique experiences waiting for you at the intersection of nature and adventure. Reserve your spot right away and don't miss out on this unique adventure!

General İnformation About Alanya Super Combo Rafting

Unique Scenery of Köprülü Canyon with Jeep Safari

Your Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour adventure begins with a jeep safari towards the unique landscapes of Köprülü Canyon. This experience will immerse you in nature, reduce your stress, and revitalize you.

This safari, which showcases the rich history and geographical features of the region, offers the opportunity to discover hidden beauties and create unforgettable memories.

Conducted with professional guides, this safari offers a unique experience for nature lovers and magnificent views for those interested in photography.

Quad Bike/Buggy Safari: An Adventure in the Heart of Nature

First, let's clarify; in the Alanya super combo rafting tour, you can choose either a quad bike or a buggy as you wish.

After the jeep safari experience, you will embark on a journey to the heart of nature, overcoming dusty paths with your Quad Bike or Buggy.

This off-road experience combines speed and adrenaline with stunning views of nature, offering a unique experience for adventure lovers of all ages.

During the safari, you will have fun moments on a challenging track that is occasionally dusty and muddy. And of course, you will have the opportunity to discover the magnificent beauties of nature.

You will experience a unique crossing of the river with Quad Bikes and Buggies, and you will be able to take beautiful photographs during this time.

Rafting: In the Exciting Waters of Köprülü Canyon

A rafting experience awaits you in the river of Köprülü Canyon, which continues to flow at a dizzying speed.

As you follow the currents, you will reach the peaks of adrenaline and accumulate unforgettable memories in this exciting experience.

The Alanya super combo rafting tour is ideal for those looking for both fun and excitement. During the tour, you can learn about historical sites and discover the magnificent beauties of nature.

After the rafting experience, you will have the opportunity to fish in the river as a group. This is a relaxing and enjoyable part of the tour.

Journey to the Sky with Zipline

The Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour invites you to an adventure not only on the water but also in the sky.

The zipline experience offers the opportunity to glide over cool waters while experiencing adrenaline.

This activity, which will help you overcome your fear of heights, also offers the opportunity to be in contact with nature and discover wonderful views.

At the end of the zipline, you return to the station for a lunch break full of delicious local dishes.

Peaceful Fishing Experience in the River

After a day of exciting activities, you will have the opportunity to calm down and rest by fishing in the river. Fishing, a peaceful activity, allows you to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of nature while experiencing the thrill of catching your own fish. The river contains freshwater fish such as trout and carp.

This part of the tour offers the chance to experience the tranquility of the environment and relax while also creating a friendly competition within the group. Who will catch the biggest fish?

In addition to fishing, you can also experience a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the river. A great way to end a day full of adventure and excitement.

At the end of this eventful day, a return to your hotel or accommodation in Alanya is provided. This tour, filled with unique experiences and beautiful memories, guarantees that you will want to join the Alanya Super Combo Rafting Tour again.

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