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Cleopatra Luxury Yacht Rental

Guests: 20 person
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Total1265 €
5 Hour Yacht Rental
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Yacht Features
Type Motor Yacht
Model Custom built
Yacht Name Cleopatra Luxury
Capacity 20 person
Cabin 4
Bathroom/wc 3
Length 22.00 m
Width 6 m
Crew 3
Speed 18 Knots
Building Year 1996
Re-fit Year 2010
Location of harbour Alanya Kaleici Seaport
Yacht Equipment
  • Swimming Ladder
  • Sun deck
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • Television
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridge
  • Binoculars
  • Amateur fishing gear
  • Diving Masks and Tubes
  • Towel
  • Barbecue
  • Modern Dinnerware Sets
  • Underwater Scooter Seabob
First Rental Option
5 Hour Yacht Rental
Cleopatra Luxury rental yacht is the best among the rental yachts in Alanya in terms of service. On the other hand, yacht rental price is higher than other yachts.
Rental Duration 5 hour
Standard route Red Tower - Historical Shipyard - Pirate Cave - Lovers Cave - Phosphorous Cave - Cleopatra Beach - Open Sea - Ulaş bay- New seaport
Food Included
Food menu Grilled fish, squid, crayfish, shrimp, sauteed chicken, rice, french fries, 2 types of salad, 2 types of appetizers, seasonal fruits, soft drinks, beer, wine, Turkish coffee, black tea, herbal teas.
Bringing food and drinks you can bring alcohol with you.
Transfer Excluded
Morning rental 10:00 - 15:00
Sunset rental 15:30 - 20:30
Prepeyment %20
5 Hour Yacht Rental Prices
  • 1 person: 1265
  • 2 person: 1265 Per person:
  • 3 person: 1265 Per person:
  • 4 person: 1265 Per person:
  • 5 person: 1265 Per person:
  • 6 person: 1360 Per person:
  • 7 person: 1360 Per person:
  • 8 person: 1410 Per person:
  • 9 person: 1410 Per person:
  • 10 person: 1455 Per person:
  • 11 person: 1505 Per person:
  • 12 person: 1555 Per person:
  • 13 person: 1600 Per person:
  • 14 person: 1650 Per person:
  • 15 person: 1700 Per person:
  • 16 person: 1750 Per person:
  • 17 person: 1795 Per person:
  • 18 person: 1845 Per person:
  • 19 person: 1895 Per person:
  • 20 person: 1940 Per person:
Second Rental Option
Personalized Yacht Charters
You have complete control on the rental seance, the route, the activities, the food, and the beverages. Your options influence the rental fee.
Minimum rental duration 5 Hour
Maximum rental duration 2 Weeks
Changing route Changeable
Altering the food menu Changeable
Concept for celebrations and organizations Can be organized
Professional fishing Unavailable
Professional photographer Available
Water sports At the water sports center
Prepeyment %20
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