Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya

See Turkey's largest underground lake cave. Visit the 700-year-old Buttoned Houses that is architectural and cultural heritage.

  • Altinbesik cave tour from alanya
  • Visit Buttoned Houses from Alanya
  • Ormana village tour from Alanya
Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya
Price 55 € per person
Tour Duration 9.5 Hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Natural and historical beauties are together

Altinbesik Cave Tour with Rafting boats

Visit button houses which is architectural and cultural heritage.

Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya Price

(4-8 Age)
(0-3 Age)
Tour Days Thursday, Saturday
Tour Duration 9.5 Hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 08:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 10:00
Drop-Off Time 17:00 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transportation, Guidance, Lunch, Altınbeşik Cave and National Park entrance tickets
Excluded Personal expenses, drinks
Bring with You Hat, camera, sports shoes, comfortable clothes, sun cream, sunglasses, backpack (to carry your belongings with you), powerbank

Experiences of Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya

  • Panoramic nature views and photo breaks from the high hills of the green canyon.
  • Visiting "Altınbeşik National Park", one of the untouched places of Mediterranean nature
  • An opportunity to visit Turkey's largest and Europe's third largest underground lake.
  • Visiting Ormana village and Button Houses with its unique architectural structures, historical features, and nature.
  • Seeing many historical ruins and ancient cities around Ormana and İbradı.
  • Opportunity to see the culture and life styles of the people in the region closely and to get to know them.

Program of Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya

  • Pick Up From Hotels
  • Drink and photo break in the laurel, lemur and thyme fields on the way.
  • A photo break for the panoramic view of the oymapınar dam of the Green Canyon from an altitude of 1200 meters.
  • Nomad village visit
  • Touring the Ürünlü Village in the valleys of the Taurus Mountains with a guide and a coffee break in the village center.
  • Visit to the "Buttoned Houses" in the village of Ormana in İbradı.
  • Discovery tour of historical stone streets and interiors of Buttoned House.
  • Trip to Altinbesik National Park.
  • Photo break under the monumental chestnut tree
  • Altinbesik cave tour with rafting boats
  • Open buffet lunch where you can taste local flavors in Ormana village.
  • Trekking in Altinbesik National Park.
  • Visit to historical ancient city ruins
  • Visit to Sarıhacılar Village. Getting to know the local people
  • The visit of the 650-year-old Ottoman Mosque.
  • Return to Hotels

General İnformation About Altinbesik Cave Tour From Alanya

Altin Besik Cave

entry of altinbesik cave

The cave, which has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, differs from other caves with its location and structural features. Visitors live a different cave experience via the richness of the nature around the cave and the lakes in the cave .

Altınbeşik cave is the third largest underground lake cave in the world. It is the largest lake cave in Turkey. The cave which has not been fully discovered still contains many natural beauties. The cave opened to the public in 1994 can be visited at certain times of the day.

Altınbeşik cave is one of the most favorite natural beauties of Antalya because of hidden among pine forests, with its turquoise water, lush nature and bird calls.

How was Altınbeşik Cave formed?

According to geological researches, the cave was formed by the crushing of aged massive limestones in the cretaceous period (chalk period) 70 million years ago. These ruptures occurred with active geological fault movements and the underground waters of Beyşehir Lake, which is 90 km away, flowing into the deep valleys and large faults in the vicinity.

The waters coming from the Great sinkhole, Fasting Sinkhole and Feyzullah sinkhole are transported to the Manavgat River via Altınbeşik Cave. The cave is still semi-active.

Features of Altınbeşik Cave.

The length of the cave is thought to be 50 km. Only the first 5.5 kilometers have been discovered yet. There are 20 kilos of different sizes in this discovered section. The first 200 meters section is suitable for general visitors.

Its structure is in a three-storey cave system.

  • First level: It is the part of the cave that can be entered from the water through canoes. In this section, there is a lake that 15 meters deep and 125 meters long. There is a naturally formed bridge in the middle of this lake. This section is always covered with water and is 200 meters long. Due to the constant water availability, stalactites were formed on the ceiling and walls. The first level ends with 44 meters steep travertines. Then the cave continues by dividing into three branches.
  • Second Level: It consists of stream beds. These formations are still continuing. The amount of water and water flow in this section increases in winter and spring. During these months, some parts are completely filled with water. Water activity can be understood from the sand and gravel deposits that is came in the winter months. It can only visit during the summer and autumn months.
  • Third Level: This section is not active. There is no water and moisture. There are very large rock blocks and stalagmites at the base and stalactites on the ceiling.

Its temperature is stable in summer and winter and is 16 ° C. Average humidity is around 61%. Due to the increased amount of water in winter, the cave is completely filled with water. It is not possible to visit in winter and in the first months of spring.

Fauna: Various bat species and pigeons live in it. Any endemic species has not been found. In the vicinity, there are creatures such as wild goats, wild boars, foxes, henna partridges and turtles, which are natural species of the Mediterranean climate. The lake water is too salty for fish to live.

Where is Altınbeşik Cave?

It is located in the Taurus Mountains in Akseki district in the western part of Antalya. It is in the Altınbeşik National Park of the same name. It is 12 km from the İbradı town of Akseki district. The road from İbradı to Ürünlü Village is a dirt road for 7 km. But the road is straight. The 5km road after İbradı village is relatively rough.

Altinbesik Cave is 130 km away from Alanya. Approximately it takes about 2.5-3 hours to go from Alanya to Altınbeşik cave.

Altinbesik National Park

altinbesik national park

It takes its name from Altınbeşik hill in the national park. It is on the western slope of the deep and steep Manavgat valley. Due to its lakes, caves, impressive bird's eye view and rich vegetation, many visitors come to this national park in recent years.

The National Park is the most beautiful place where you can go hiking in Antalya.

Floristic Structure: It consists of maquis and red pine forests, which are the vegetation of the Mediterranean. Species such as cedar wood, cistern tree and kermes oak have also spread throughout the forest. You can see many flowers of different colors and scents around. Literature sources show that there are 60 endemic species in the national park. The National Park contains around 600 plant species in total.

National Park Facilities: There are many facilities built in the national park with ecotourism is taken into consideration. There are hiking trails, sports fields, cafeterias and gazebos in the park. The facility is operated by the municipality. Therefore, the prices are very reasonable and the quality is high.

The cave and the surrounding region have hosted many civilizations due to the suitable climate structure. You will have the opportunity to see these old settlements during the Altinbesik cave tour from Alanya.

About İbradı

town of ormana ibradi

İbradı has hosted many civilizations from the past to the present, as it is on the old trade route and the climatic conditions are suitable for living. It is a region worth seeing due to its unique nature and historical heritage.

History of İbradı

The oldest known settlement was established 2200 years ago in the psidian period.

This city built on limestone hills has protected itself from forces that wanted to invade throughout history. After the death of the Lycian king, it came under the patronage of the ancient Roman civilization. Urbanization rate increased during the Roman period. The region later came under the auspices of the Seljuk state and the Ottoman Empire.

Due to the wetland climate structure of the region, ancient cities and historical buildings have been eroded by the power of nature. However, there are many ruins that you can see traces of ancient civilizations.

Places to Visit in İbradı
Sarıhacılar Ormana Village and Buttoned Houses
buttoned houses

These houses were built in accordance with the geographical features of the region. These houses attract attention with their differences from the architecture of the surrounding regions. These houses, which were built about 500 years ago, take their name from the fact that the ends of the cedar wood, tar tree and sod trees used in their construction resemble a button on the exterior of the house.

No cement or mortar was used in the construction of the houses. The main skeleton is built entirely on trees. Although this type of architecture is not used in the surrounding areas, the fact that all the houses in the village are built in the same architecture must be the greatest proof that the village has an isolated culture.

Life still continues in these houses. But they are protected. Building new houses is prohibited in the region. The people of the village, who were interested in agriculture and animal husbandry in the past, nowadays mostly serve the tourism sector. So much so that the people of the village allocated at least one room of their houses to travelers for accommodation. This village is in the top places among the natural settlements where travelers have stayed in recent years.

An International arts festival is held in the village every year. The festival starts in the last week of August and ends in the first week of September. At the festival, you can taste the local flavors of the village people and buy local souvenirs.

Be sure to find yourself in a completely different atmosphere with its stone-paved streets, local dishes and warm-blooded people. A village where you will find yourself in the past, far from today's technology and culture. If you want to add peace and tranquility to your holiday, you should definitely visit this village.

There is even a sign at the entrance of the village called "The town of those who do not forget their birthplace".

Eynif plain

It is a plain of about 90 thousand acres. Life and creatures in the plain have never changed until now. There are many wild horses in the Eynif plain. The horse lineage living here is unique to the region. They are called the "Yilki". Ancient civilizations used horses raised in this plain in cavalry units. Horses can still freely live in nature. You can easily see these horses during the trip.

In addition, this plain was located on the historical silk road. For this reason, there are some historical buildings in the plain. The most important of these is the "Tol Kervansaray Inn" built during the Seljuk period.

Monumental Chestnut Tree
monumental chestnut tree

It is the oldest chestnut tree in Turkey. Thousands of people visit the tree every year, which has reached a monumental value over time. The tree, which is at least 1100 years old, is one of the places where tourists definitely take a photo. The width of the tree is 18 meters.

Çukurviran Tomb Monument

It was built in the 1st century AD. It consists of a monument entrance and cemeteries built on a high hill. The ruins of the monument and the shape of the tombstones are a mirror of that period.

Erymna Ancient City

It is located 18 km west of Psidia. The city built in the old roman period. There are not many parts of the ancient city that have survived until today. Only the acropolis section is intact. We recommend that you do not pass without visiting it as it is located in the middle of other historical places in the vicinity.

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