Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

The sultans of dance, which has made a tremendous impact in the world, is the dance group of Anatolia that synthesizes the entire culture of Anatolia with folk dances and embodies.

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Fire of Anatolia from Alanya
Price 50 € per person
Tour Duration 5.5 Hours
Children's friendly Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Journey from Alanya to Belek

Fire of Anatolia Dance Show at Gloria Aspendos Arena

Theater with capacity of 5500 People

Fire of Anatolia from Alanya Price
4 - 11 Age
0 - 3 Age
Tour Days Tuesday
Tour Duration 5.5 Hours (Transport included)
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Insurance, transportation, dinner, show ticket, tour guide
Excluded Personal expenses, drinks
Bring with You Water, something soft that you can lay on the audience seats (so you can sit more comfortably), a thin jacket (as it is an open air theater), backpack (to carry your belongings with you)

Experiences of Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

You will be in Gloria Aspendos Arena, which has the world's largest culture and show center stage.

You will watch the world famous Fire of Anatolia Dance Group.

You will find information belonging to different cultures and life in Turkey.

You will watch the local otantic dances of the Turkish people.

You will capture beautiful photos by taking Aspendos Arena architecture into the background.

Program of Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

  • You will be picked up from the hotel or where you are staying with our air-conditioned and comfortable shuttle vehicles.
  • Your tickets are given by the tour guide.
  • You arrive in the arena.
  • You can walk around the arena and observe the architecture.
  • Your entrence process is done.
  • When the doors are opened and the entrances begin, you will sit in beautiful places and watch the show.
  • First Stage, first scene.
  • Mountain of Gods - Nemrut Fire Ceremony Dance,
  • The Dance of the Rivers of Fire,
  • Fire Dances,
  • Tree of Life Dance,
  • End of the first scene.
  • Pandora Dance,
  • Army of Darkness dance,
  • Dance of Prisoner Prometeus,
  • The Dance of the Eagles,
  • Liberation Dance,
  • The Resurrection Dance of Prometeus,
  • Love Trilogy Dance,
  • The Bright Days Dance,
  • War Dances,
  • The Dance of Glory of Darkness,
  • Belly Dance,
  • The Dance of Glory of Darkness 2 ,
  • End of the second scene.
  • İntermission.
  • You can walk around the arena and could take photos and videos until the second act plays begin.
  • Second Stage, first scene.
  • The Dance of Lament,
  • Ghost Dancers,
  • Army Dance of Light,
  • Returning Dance to the World of Evil,
  • War Mosaic Dance,
  • The Enthusiasm Dance of the Waves,
  • End of the first scene.
  • Second Stage, Second scene.
  • The Dances of Anatolia,
  • Second Stage, Third scene.
  • The Dance of Roman,
  • The Tree of Life Dance Again,
  • Proliferation Dance,
  • The invitation Dance,
  • End of the Scene,
  • At the end of the show, you get on our shuttle buses in the parking lot and set out for Alanya.
  • We will stop for dinner at a nice restaurant on the way.
  • When you arrive in Alanya, you will be dropped off at your hotel or your pick up place.

General İnformation About Fire of Anatolia from Alanya

Fire of Anatolia from Alanya 2

The distance from Alanya to Antalya Aspendos Arena is 95 kilometers. You will travel for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

You will watch the dance of the Fire of Anatolia whose main theme is "Meeting of Civilizations".

You will admire Anatolian dances that is cover modern dance and ballet.

You will see the fastest dance show in the world with 120 dancers and 241 steps per minute.

You will have knowledge about ethnic Anatolian culture in Turkey.

The show consists of 2 stages. The first act has 2 scenes, the second act has 3 scenes.

In the first scene of the first act, 4 different dances (Mount of Gods - Nemrut Fire Ceremony, Fire Rivers, Fire Dances, Tree of Life), 12 different dances in the second scene (Pandora, Army of Darkness, Captive Prometeus, Eagles, Salvation, Satir - Resurrection Dance of Prometeus, Love Trilogy, Bright Days, War Dances, Victory of Darkness, Oriental, Victory of Darkness 2)

6 different dances in the first scene of the second act (Lament, Ghost Dancers, Army of Light, Return to the World of the Evil, War, Mosaic, Enthusiasm of the Waves), 3 different dances on the second scene and 4 different dances on the third scene (Ramo, Tree of Life Again, Increasing, invitation) you will watch.

Different motifs are used in each scene.

Each scene has its own unique story. The processing of these stories will excite you.

In the first act, in the first scene, you will watch Zoroastrian from Central Asian Shaman Turks, Alevi Semah by Yazidi Kurds and motifs from Southeast folk dance.

The first act is from the second scene from Eastern Anatolia, Mediterranean and Aegean Regions

Second act, first scene, East Anatolia, inner West Aegean, Istanbul and Black Sea,

Second act, second scene mostly Anatolia,

You will be able to watch the motifs of Thrace and the Balkans on the second act and the third scene.

Camera, voice recorder, camera, etc. devices are not allowed inside.

It is forbidden to enter with food and drink.

You can sit wherever you want, there is no seat number.

You will have dinner one after the show.

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