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Gülbahçe Luxury Yacht Tour
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Gülbahçe Luxury Yacht Tour

Capacity: 26 person
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71 €Per person
5 Hour Yacht Tour
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Yacht Features
Type Motor Yacht
Model Feretti 55
Yacht Name Gülbahçe Luxury
Capacity 26 person
Cabin 3
Bathroom/wc 3
Length 17 m
Width 5 m
Crew 3
Speed 25 Knots
Building Year 2000
Re-fit Year 2022
Location of harbour Alanya Kaleici Seaport
  • Swimming ladder
  • Sun deck
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Television
  • Outdoor Speakers
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridge
  • Binoculars
  • Barbecue
  • Modern dinnerware
  • Underwater Scooter Seabob
  • Jetski
  • stand-up paddle board
First Yacht Tour Option
5 Hour Yacht Tour
Ideal for families who want a spacious and luxurious yacht. This Italian-made yacht will allow you to experience a comfortable yacht tour. Service quality is good.
Tour duration 5 hours
Tour route Departure from Alanya harbor, first swimming break in front of the historical red tower and shipyard. Then, respectively, a visit to the pirates cave and the asiklar cave. Watching fish in Alanya aquarium. Then the second swimming break at Cleopatra beach. After departing from Cleopatra, a quiet place is chosen to eat and
lunch is serviced. Journey to the open sea after lunch. On the way back, swimming breaks are given at 2 more points.
Food and drinks Included
Food menu Grilled meatballs, chicken fillet, Mediterranean salad, rice, spaghetti, Olivier salad, stuffed leaves, şakşuka(Turkish appetizer), fruit plate, unlimited soft drinks, hot drinks.
Bringing food and drinks You can bring it.
Transfer Excluded
Morning tour 08:00 - 13:00
Midday tour 10:00 - 15:00
Sunset tour 15:00 - 20:00
Moonlight tour 20:00 - 00:00
Prepeyment %20
5 Hour Yacht Tour Prices
  • 1 person: 800
  • 2 person: 800 Per person:
  • 3 person: 800 Per person:
  • 4 person: 800 Per person:
  • 5 person: 800 Per person:
  • 6 person: 850 Per person:
  • 7 person: 900 Per person:
  • 8 person: 950 Per person:
  • 9 person: 1000 Per person:
  • 10 person: 1050 Per person:
  • 11 person: 1100 Per person:
  • 12 person: 1150 Per person:
  • 13 person: 1200 Per person:
  • 14 person: 1250 Per person:
  • 15 person: 1300 Per person:
  • 16 person: 1350 Per person:
  • 17 person: 1400 Per person:
  • 18 person: 1450 Per person:
  • 19 person: 1500 Per person:
  • 20 person: 1550 Per person:
  • 21 person: 1600 Per person:
  • 22 person: 1650 Per person:
  • 23 person: 1700 Per person:
  • 24 person: 1750 Per person:
  • 25 person: 1800 Per person:
  • 26 person: 1850 Per person:
Second Yacht Tour Option
Create Your Own Yacht Tour
You get to choose the length of the boat ride, the activities, the sites to visit, and the food and beverages that will be provided
Minimum yacht tour duration 4 hours
Maximum yacht tour duration 1 week
Changing route Changeable
Altering the food menu Changeable
Concept for celebrations and organizations Can be organized
Professional fishing Unavailable
Professional photographer Available
Water sports At the water sports center
Prepeyment %20
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