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Alanya Private Snorkeling

Alanya Private Snorkeling

An Unforgettable Snorkelling Adventure in Alanya

  • Alanya Private Snorkeling
Alanya Private Snorkeling
Price 300 € per person
Total Tour Duration 5 hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, Tr
Transportation Paid transfer

An Unforgettable Experience

Snorkeling in the Enchanting Waters of Alanya

Be part of a magnificent natural wonder and create unforgettable memories while snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of Alanya.

Alanya Private Snorkeling Price

Boat Count
Adult Count
(10 years and above)
Child Count
(0-9 years)
Tour Days Everyday
Total Tour Duration 5 hours
Transfer Excluding (Get information about private transfer)
Pick up Time Up to You (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, Tr
Included lunch (grilled chicken, salad, pasta), unlimited soft drinks, snorkels, fishing gear (for those interested in fishing)
Excluded Alcoholic beverages, water sports
Bring with You Private transfer, swimwear, sunglasses, towel, camera, hat, sunscreen.

Experiences of Alanya Private Snorkeling

  • Discover stunning caves and natural formations while cruising along the unique coastline of Alanya.
  • Get up close to the natural habitats of rare Caretta Caretta turtles on Turtle Island.
  • Create unforgettable memories and embark on an adventure while snorkeling safely with the guidance of professional instructors.
  • Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and savor the magnificent coastal views while exploring the natural beauty.

Program of Alanya Private Snorkeling

  • Pick-up at your desired time with a private transfer vehicle.
  • Meet the captain upon arrival at the Alanya old marina and set sail.
  • First snorkeling spot is at the cove in front of the old shipyard, home to sea urchins, octopus, and squid. This spot also provides a captivating view for some memorable photos.
  • Explore the caves around Alanya Castle Peninsula, and if the sea conditions permit, you can snorkel inside them. (Not suitable for snorkeling in rough sea conditions).
  • Next stop is the famous Cleopatra Pool behind the castle, another unique snorkeling site.
  • We then set course to the west of Alanya.
  • While en route, the captain prepares lunch.
  • You will reach the rocky areas near Alanya new marina. Here, the sea is calmer and the depth can be as low as 50 cm, making it especially suitable for children.
  • Arrive at the breathtaking Ulaş Bay. This location stands out for both its view and undersea beauty. Lunch will be served here.
  • Visit our last snorkeling spot, "Turtle Island". If you're lucky, you may spot Caretta Caretta sea turtles.
  • Embark on the return journey from Turtle Island.
  • Depending on the remaining tour time and your energy level, we may stop by a few more places on our way back.
  • Arrive back at Alanya Marina, board the transfer vehicle, and we will drop you off at your desired location, concluding the tour.

General İnformation About Alanya Private Snorkeling

Among the fun and enjoyable tours we organize for hobby activities in Alanya, the highlight is the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour. This tour stands out as the top choice for snorkelling enthusiasts in Alanya. Unlike the standard Alanya snorkelling tour that we organize for groups, the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour offers an exclusive experience tailored to your preferences. You will have the entire boat to yourselves, focusing solely on the activity of snorkelling. Our boat takes you to the most suitable coves in Alanya for private snorkelling, providing the perfect environment to explore the underwater wonders. Additionally, we provide fishing equipment if you're interested in combining snorkelling with fishing activities.

The "Alanya private snorkelling" tour is designed for a maximum of 7 people, ensuring your comfort and privacy. On the boat, you will find sunbathing areas, seating sections, a swimming ladder, and a toilet. It is an ideal choice for families who want to enjoy private snorkelling in Alanya with their children.

Discover all the beautiful bays with the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour.

Our "Alanya private snorkelling" tours offer a friendly and peaceful atmosphere. This personalized tour is exclusively tailored to you, with no other passengers on the boat. It provides a unique and relaxing experience away from the crowds.

This tour is particularly popular among families with children, as it offers various activities suitable for all ages. We provide special life jackets, snorkelling sets, and fishing equipment for children.

As the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour is customizable, you can choose the time that suits you best. However, we recommend the early morning hours as the ideal time for snorkelling. Mornings usually offer calm seas with minimal waves and better underwater visibility.

Now, let's delve into the details of the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour.

Route of the "Alanya Private Snorkelling" Tour

Route of the Alanya private snorkelling tour
Route of the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour

The above map section shows the places you will visit during the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour. As you can see, we will visit all the suitable bays and coastlines in Alanya for private snorkelling. Below, we have described in detail all the bays and rocky coastal areas you will explore during the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour.

Historical Shipyard and Red Tower Cove

Drone photo of the old shipyard cove
Drone photo of the old shipyard cove

Enjoy the view of the castle from the sea and indulge in private snorkelling in Alanya in the clear waters near the Red Tower. Dive into the Alanya shipyard.

The first stop of the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour will be the Red Tower and Alanya Shipyard, located 2 nautical miles from the port. This provides a perfect opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful views of Alanya. During the break, you can swim to the shipyard and enjoy private snorkelling in the clear waters.

Thanks to the underwater reefs, the sea floor is rich, and the water is extremely clear. You can find various marine plants, sea urchins, and shellfish among the rocks. These are breeding areas for mollusks such as octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish. Additionally, you may even spot colorful parrotfish native to the Mediterranean.

We recommend using water shoes in this area to enhance your comfort and allow easy movement while exploring the shipyard.

Caves Around Alanya Castle

View of Alanya Castle peninsula from the sea
View of Alanya Castle peninsula from the sea

Embark on an exploration journey in the caves around Alanya Castle and immerse yourself in private snorkelling in Alanya.

Alanya Castle is situated on a peninsula surrounded by steep cliffs and rocks, making it challenging to access. The most enjoyable and feasible way to explore the untouched natural beauty around the castle is to sail around it on a boat.

While circumnavigating the peninsula, relish the surprise encounters with sea turtles and dolphins. On our way to Cleopatra Beach, we will visit three unique caves:

Phosphorescent Cave in Alanya
Phosphorescent Cave in Alanya
  • Pirates' Cave: This cave served as a treasure trove for Alanya's former pirates and is now open for your exploration.
  • Lovers' Cave: Located 24 meters above sea level, this cave became a sanctuary where pirates hid kidnapped women, according to legends. Experience the thrill of swimming in this cave filled with secrets.
  • Phosphorescent Cave: Its name originates from the cave's phosphorescent-like glow. The shimmering surface creates a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere.

When sea conditions permit, you can enjoy private snorkelling in these caves. The Phosphorescent Cave is especially ideal for private snorkelling in Alanya. The glow produced by the algae covering the cave creates unforgettable underwater scenery. This is a unique experience located at the heart of an exploration journey.

Cleopatra Pool

Alanya Cleopatra Pool
Alanya Cleopatra Pool

The Cleopatra Pool is one of the most popular diving and snorkelling spots in Alanya. This unique location takes its name from the renowned Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. According to legend, Cleopatra preserved her youth and beauty by performing a swimming ritual in this pool.

The pool is an ideal place for private snorkelling in Alanya. Its clear water provides an excellent opportunity to explore underwater creatures and the rich underwater ecosystem of the pool. The clarity of the water allows for the discovery of various fish species and the vibrant underwater ecosystem of the pool, making it an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, the natural beauty surrounding the Cleopatra Pool is breathtaking. Nestled among the trees, this pool offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere for tourists.

Private snorkelling in the "Alanya private snorkelling" tour at Cleopatra Pool will be one of the most memorable moments of your time in Alanya. Make sure to plan a visit to this special place to explore the hidden beauties underwater and experience swimming in a historic location.

Snorkelling in the clear water is enjoyable. It is done where the completely sandy seabed meets the castle hill. On one side, there is an endless sandy beach, while on the other side, there are rocky areas that serve as shelter and hunting grounds for marine life. This way, when you dive with "Alanya private snorkelling", you can see a large part of the rich Mediterranean fauna and flora.

Rocky Coastal Areas on the West Side of Alanya

Explore the Rocky Coastal Areas on the West Side of Alanya

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the underwater world with our "Alanya private snorkelling" tour. We take you to the fascinating rocky coastal areas on the west side of Alanya with an alternative route.

The rocky coastal areas on the west side of Alanya offer a unique underwater world, each with its own characteristics. This tour is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the magic of the underwater world and experience the natural beauty of Alanya. Join us to participate and experience this unforgettable adventure for yourself.

Turtle Island in Alanya

Alanya Turtle Island
Alanya Turtle Island

Turtle Island | The Highlight of "Alanya private snorkelling" Tour

The final and farthest stop of our "Alanya private snorkelling" tour is Turtle Island, which is like a natural wonder. This seemingly quiet rock is actually home to a rich underwater world and nesting grounds for endangered Caretta Caretta turtles.

Turtle Island takes its name from these special sea turtles and offers visitors the opportunity to observe them up close during "private snorkelling in Alanya" in their natural habitats. However, remember that it is important to respect the habitats of turtles and other marine creatures in this sensitive ecosystem.

This "island" in the form of a rock is a snorkelling paradise with its clear seawater and underwater richness that surrounds it. There are many different marine species and plant species to be discovered underwater. This island provides a great opportunity to experience the mysterious beauty of the underwater world.

Turtle Island turns an ordinary snorkelling experience into an unforgettable nature observation adventure. While exploring the hidden beauty underwater, you can also closely observe the life of sea turtles.

In this hidden paradise of Alanya, listen to the rhythm of nature, explore the riches of the underwater world, and enjoy the privilege of observing Caretta Caretta turtles in their natural habitats. Embark on a journey to Turtle Island with us for this unique experience.

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