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Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour

Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour

You will have fantastic moments with the fire shows at sunset.

  • Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour
  • All Inclusive Sunset Boat trip in Alanya
Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour
Unlimited Beer & Wine
Price 25 € per person
Total Tour Duration 5 hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

Enjoying the sunset with "Gülbahçe", one of the most popular boats in Alanya.

Alanya Gülbahçe All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour

Friendly staff, comfortable boat, all-inclusive service.

Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour Price

Standart Ticket

(6-12 Age)
(0-5 Age)

Alcohol Included Ticket

( unlimited beer and wine )
Tour Days Monday
Total Tour Duration 5 hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 16:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 17:30
Drop-Off Time 22:00 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transfer, guide, lunch (grilled chicken, sausage, spaghetti, french fries, salad), unlimited wine and beer (for unlimited alcohol tickets), unlimited soft drinks, kids face painting, fire show, animations, foam party
Excluded alcoholic beverages other than wine and beer, water sports, market
Bring with You Beach suits, camera, cash for your extra expenses, spare clothes for after the foam party.

Experiences of Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour

  • Enjoy the warm waters of Alanya before sunset. Either swim, sunbathe or participate in water sports activities.
  • Watch the sunset while having dinner at Cleopatra's shores.
  • Have the chance to see Mediterranean seals and dolphins before sunset.
  • Watch the silhouette of Alanya, Alanya Castle, the Red Tower adorned with city lights from the sea.
  • Have fun in the nightclub after sunset. Watch the fire shows and join to the foam party.

Program of Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour

  • Free transfer from address or hotel
  • Arrival at the seaport at 16:50 in the evening.
  • At 17:30, the boat sets sail and the tour begins.
  • First break in front of the historic shipyard. From here the view of Alanya Castle and the Red Tower is impressive. Time is given to take pictures.
  • Children's animators organize various games and competitions for your children.
  • The pirate cave, the lovers cave and the phosphorus cave are visited.
  • The boat goes around the castle and arrives at the Cleopatra beach.
  • Sea creatures are observed and fed in the natural aquarium.
  • A free face painting activity is made for your children.
  • When the boat arrives off the coast of Cleopatra, a second swimming break is given here. Those who wish can participate in water sports activities here.
  • The sunset is watched from Cleopatra. Professional photographer takes your photo during sunset.
  • The fire shows exhibited at the end of the sunset create images worth watching.
  • Then dinner is served. The dinner menu includes grilled chicken, spaghetti, sausage, french fries, salad and seasonal fruit.
  • After dinner is over, the night party begins.
  • DJ plays music during the night party.
  • Then the foam party begins.
  • Dance and entertainment with the animators continues until the end of the tour.
  • At 21:30, the boat returns to the seaport.
  • You get off the boat and get on the transfer vehicles.
  • The all inclusive Alanya sunset boat tour ends when you are dropped off at the address or hotels.

Things to Keep in Mind

Cigarettes and tobacco products are not sold in boat. Please bring it with you when you come.

Alanya Daytime Boat Tours

Choose your day, sunset, or night boat tour by viewing. Don't encounter a different boat at the harbor than you selected.

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Detailed Price of Alanya All Inclusive Sunset Boat Tour
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