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Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya

Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya

A full day tour where you can see the historical places and natural beauties of Alanya.

  • Manavgat Waterfall from Alanya
  • Side Ancient City from Alanya
  • Aspensos Theater from Alanya
Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya
Price 50 € per person
Total Tour Duration 9 Hours
Suitable for Babies Suitable
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Transportation Free Transfer

The only ancient theater still active in Anatolia.

Anatolia's Largest Ancient Theatre Aspendos

Aspendos Antique Theater is one of the places you must see in Alanya because of its size and grandeur.

Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya Price

(4-7 Age)
(0-3 Age)
Tour Days Tuesday, Sunday
Total Tour Duration 9 Hours (Transport included)
Transfer (Transport included)
Pick up Time 08:30 (The exact pickup time is determined by your location.)
Tour Begins at 10:30
Drop-Off Time 18:00 (Approximately)
Instant Confirmation Yes
Tour Guide En, De, Ru, Tr
Included Transportation, Professional Guidance, Manavgat Waterfall entrance fee, Aspendos Theater entrance fee, lunch
Excluded Drinks, Personal expenses
Bring with You Camera, hat and sunglasses to protect from the sun, comfortable clothing, walking shoes

Experiences of Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya

  • Join the culture and nature tour where you can get away from the noise of the city and get to know the nature and historical places of Alanya.
  • See the most magnificent ancient cities of Alanya and the largest ancient theater of Anatolia, which is still active, in one day.
  • Cool off in the cold water particles that disperse like clouds around Manavgat Waterfall.

Program of Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya

  • Pick-up from hotels.
  • Manavgat waterfall visit.
  • Independent trip in the recreation areas around the waterfall.
  • Photographing from the waterfall viewing terrace.
  • Aspendos Antique Theater guided tour.
  • Aspendos Ancient City guided tour.
  • Lunch break.
  • Side Ancient City guided tour.
  • Side Antique Theater guided tour.
  • Visit to the temple of Apollo and the temple of Dionysus.
  • Independent trip to Side Antique City.
  • Return to Alanya.

General İnformation About Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya

Manavgat Waterfall Aspendos Side Tour from Alanya 2

Manavgat waterfall is one of the most visited places by tourists coming to Alanya. The waterfall on the Manavgat river, the biggest river of Antalya, offers its visitors a nature show.

Be sure to get rid of the heat of Alanya, to feel the relaxing atmosphere of nature and to spend time with the therapeutic sound of the waterfall, it will relax you and give you peace.

If you are coming to Alanya for the first time and you like culture and nature tours, we definitely recommend you to join the Manavgat waterfall Aspendos Side tour.

The old name of Manavgat was Melas. In the Hellenistic period, the water need of the Ancient City of Side was provided by the aqueducts built between Melas and the Ancient City of Side. We will also see these aqueducts as part of the tour.

We have explained everything you might want to know about the Manavgat waterfall tour below.

Side Ancient City Trip from Alanya

Side was one of the biggest cities of Anatolia in ancient times. It was an important cultural center. Thanks to its port, it was also a trade center. That's why many civilizations fought to capture here. Side city came under the patronage of many states such as the Hittites, the Lydian Kingdom, Alexander the Great, and the Roman Empire.

The first stop of our tour will be the Side Ancient City . The ruins in the ancient city give a lot of information about the way of life at that time. There is also a museum in the city where artifacts from the Hellenistic period and late Roman period are exhibited. We will visit the entire ancient city and the Side museum with a professional guide.

Aspendos Theater Trip from Alanya

We continue our tour with a visit to the Aspendos Ancient City . The most important feature of the theater in the ancient city is that it has remained intact from the past to the present. Also, the biggest ancient theater of Anatolia is here. While visiting the Aspendos theater, you will understand better why this theater is visited by so many people.

Events and shows are held every year between April and November. You can watch the performance of the world-famous Fire of Anatolia dance group at Aspendos Arena.

Manavgat Waterfall Trip from Alanya

Manavgat river is 93 km long. It is one of the largest rivers in Turkey in terms of water capacity. The water flow rate is high in both summer and winter months. There are two dams on the river. These are the Oymapınar dam and the Manavgat dam.

The source of the river is Akdağ near Beyşehir Lake, at the west of the Taurus Mountains. In the places where the river originates, the water flow is relatively weak. The river grows by being fed by various sources as it flows towards the Mediterranean. The biggest source it feeds on is the Dumanlı source.

Manavgat waterfall is not a very high waterfall. It is poured from a height of 4-5 meters. But the width of the waterfall is very long. In addition, the flow rate of the poured water is very high. It has an impressive atmosphere with its snow-white foams and the sound of water. When the waters of the waterfalls pour strongly through the rocks, water mist forms in the air. The waterfall gets full marks from the visitors with its fascinating atmosphere.

Things To Do On The Manavgat Waterfall Tour

The number of people participating in the Manavgat waterfall tour is increasing every year. For this reason, Manavgat waterfall was turned into a tourism region by building facilities where visitors can meet their needs and recreation areas where they can spend quality time.

The waterfall area is preferred to get away from the city and relax in nature. Constructions that will spoil the atmosphere of the region are not allowed around the waterfall. There are no loud entertainment venues.

Almost everything has been thought of so that the family visitors to the waterfall tour can have a peaceful and trouble-free time. We have listed the possibilities within the Manavgat Waterfall facility below.

  • Free public picnic areas, barbecues, gazebos, picnic tables.
  • Fast food restaurants.
  • Fish restaurants (we recommend you to choose fresh trout caught in Manavgat waterfall).
  • Cafes.
  • Markets and souvenir shops.
  • Toilet and Shower points.
  • Observation terraces where you can watch the waterfall (You can take beautiful photos here).
  • Recreation areas.
  • Children's parks.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Rafting and canoe clubs (only professional rafting athletes can participate due to the high difficulty level of rafting on the Manavgat river).

Finally, let's not forget the padlock garden under the plane tree on the south side of the waterfall. Immortalizing love with the padlock, which is a tradition that has become widespread in the world, is also in Manavgat Waterfall. If you want to immortalize your love or make a sweet gesture to your darling, you can bring a padlock with you.

How to Get to Manavgat Waterfall from Alanya?

Manavgat waterfall is located 4km north of Manavgat district of Antalya. It is about 60 kilometers from Alanya. You can get to Manavgat waterfall from Alanya in approximately 55 minutes via the D400 road.

In the coming years, it is planned to build a railway between Manavgat and Alanya. However, for now, it is only possible to reach by highway.

In addition, the waterfall is 10 kilometers from the ancient city of Side.

Due to the short distance between the places to visit on the Manavgat, Side and Aspendos tour, we do not spend a lot of time on the road.

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